Weekend Sales: Top 10 Deals for Teachers

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Guys! February is almost cooked. This is very important for two reasons: 1) winter is nearly over; and 2) winter is nearly over. Okay, those are the same reasons, but we can’t help it! TeacherPop is so excited about the possibility of warmer weather and sunshine that we put together an extra stellar lineup of discounts this week. These deals are so hot even 20 degrees with a real feel of 11 can’t cool them down.

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What Happens When You Teach a Subject You Can’t Stand

i'm bored cat memeSince TeacherPop is part Texan (and Monday is Texas Independence Day), we thought it was a good time to revisit this smart piece by Emily Garvey about how she stays motivated to teach curriculum that is, shall we say, less than fulfilling. In Emily’s case, this native New Englander was charged with teaching Texas History for an entire school year.

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Kindles for Knowledge: Essay Contest Call for Entries

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Are you a Teach For America corps member or do you teach in a school with TFA teachers? Your students are eligible to take part in the 7th annual Phi Sigma Pi Essay Contest.

Who can enter?
Students enrolled in first-12th grade at schools with Teach for America instructors are eligible to enter the contest. There are three categories in which finalists will be determined: Grades 1-4, Grades 5-8, and Grades 9-12.

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Punk Rock Preschool Premieres Music Video, Kickstarter

punk rock preschoolCan 4 year olds rock? Of course!  Meet Jarred Geller’s Pre-K class at Eugene Field Elementary School in Oklahoma City. These enthusiastic wee scholars are tearing the roof off with their catchy tune, The Shapes Song (Oh Boy Oh Man), and just premiered a brand-new music video on YouTube.Currently in his second year with Teach For America, Jarred first introduced songs to his four- and five-year-olds to keep them engaged with challenging subjects like geography, outer space, and storytelling.

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Top 10 Ways to Spark Your Creativity


One of TeacherPop’s favorite contributors, Brittany Viklund (Toll), wrote a really thoughtful post in 2012 about creativity and its impact on her work inside and outside the classroom. We’re bringing it back today, with a few editorial additions, to get your creative juices flowing on this February Tuesday.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Many first and second-year teachers are getting ready to make THAT decision about next year. Should you stay in teaching? Or pursue other dreams?

It’s a hard choice, a personal one, and there is so much wrapped into it. Almost every major city is thirsty for experienced, high-quality teachers. You undoubtedly love your kids, and would love your next batch just as much. But you arrive home exhausted for a late dinner every night, and you are tired of feeling disappointed in situations and yourself. Maybe the other side of the fence doesn’t seem just greener; maybe it has a water slide, too!

Motivation Monday: Genius


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7 Pinterest Picks for Black History Month


Still looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month in the classroom? Don’t miss our Black History Month Pinterest board chock full of educational and creative ideas for all grade levels. Here are 7 of our top picks.

1. Mosaic Portraits

7  Black History Month

2. 5 Notable Black Inventors

7  Pin by Teach For America on Black History Month   Pinterest

3. Video: The King and His Dream

MLK  The King and His Dream   YouTube

4. Thurgood Marshall Foldable


5. 12 Books That Carry on the Legacy of MLK

12 Books That Carry On the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr.   Brightly

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