Top 10 Pinterest Picks for Black History Month

Top 10 pinterest picks for black history month

Looking for ways to incorporate black history into your curriculum in February and beyond? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite resources from Pinterest to get you started. Check out our top 10 Pinterest picks for Black History Month.

1. 26 Children’s Books

26 Children's Books that Celebrate Black Heroes

2. Bulletin Board

black history month/valentine's day bulletin board

3. Black History Month Books, Movies, and More

black history month resources


4. Scholastic’s Favorites for Black History Month

black history month resources

5. 6 African-American Inventors

African-American inventors

6. Picture Books for Black History Month

picture books for black history month

7. Mosaic Portraits

Black History Month Mosaic Portraits

8. Art Projects and Other Freebies

Black History Month art projects

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Teach. Eat. Repeat. Recipe: Turkey Meatballs

RECIPE: Turkey Meatballs

Super Bowl may be over, but finger foods are always in style, especially these turkey meatballs that pack a protein punch. Our families eat these so quickly, we always make a double batch. They’re perfect with toothpicks or over cauli-mash or zoodles. We once served them at a party, and they were gone within the first hour…#manapproved.

What You Need

  • 2 pounds ground turkey (we don’t mind the extra lean in this recipe since it’s packed with other flavors)
  • 1 container Trader Joes Mirepoix OR
    • 1 yellow onion, diced

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special

weekend sales

This weekend might be all about football (and Teach For America’s 25th anniversary, y’all)—but next weekend, love is in the air! Whether you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day cuddling on the couch watching movies, or heading out for a night on the town with a special someone, TeacherPop has found some amazing deals to celebrate all the romance that may be in store.

Pro Flowers: Save 20% off orders over $39 with coupon code PSB2039.

Petco: Save up to 40% Leaps & Bounds dog and cat toys for a limited time.

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4 Resources for Teaching “Special Areas”

4 Resources for Teaching Special Areas

Teacher is a job title that just skims the surface when it comes to a day in the life of an educator. One minute you deliver a lesson, the next you transform into a comedian, cracking a joke to engage students with your lesson plan and content. As the day goes on, you assume the roles of cheerleader, nurse, editor, scientist, poet, and reporter, among others.

GoFundMe: Send Students from Chicago’s Southside to Costa Rica


Members of the Global Justice Project, an after school club at Gary Comer College Prep in Chicago’s Southside, are passionate about the historical and contemporary social issues facing Latin America. With the help of their teacher, Teach For America alumna Ife Hampton, they plan to heighten this awareness with a summer volunteer trip to Costa Rica.

“Going to Costa Rica will be an amazing opportunity for students to travel outside of their comfort zones and gain real life experiences,” Ms. Hampton says. “Many members of the GJP have never had the opportunity to travel outside of the country.”

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Teach. Eat. Repeat. Recipe: Grain-Free Tabouleh

Recipe: Grain-Free Tabouleh

When TeachEatRepeat was living and working in New Orleans, we lived down the street from an amazing Lebanese restaurant. Their tabouleh was out of this world, packed with flavor, but full of gluten. Every once in awhile we crave that tabouleh with an unbelievable force, but nothing has come close to satisfying…until now. This grain-free tabouleh is lemony, minty, and fresh; plus, it has an extra serving of vegetables from the cauliflower…Eat up!

What You Need:

  • 1 bag of Trader Joe’s cauliflower rice, or 1 head of raw cauliflower, “riced” in a food processor

How I Hid My ADHD and Lost a Teachable Moment

How I Hid My ADHD and Lost a Teachable Moment

After being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the second grade, I learned the hard way what it meant to share that piece of my identity with others. It meant constant, unsolicited opinions on the moral and medical wisdom of my Ritalin prescription. It meant starkly lower expectations for my academic work and my future. It meant people were surprised when I excelled academically, and that I worked twice as hard out of the fear that others saw me as incompetent.

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Revamp Your Home and Wardrobe

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Revamp Your Home and Wardrobe

When it’s warm and sunny you don’t want to be stuck inside—you want to be outside!—so there’s no better time than now to start revamping your home and wardrobe in time for spring and summer. Luckily, TeacherPop has found some awesome deals to help you knock out any home and style updates before those first spring blooms tempt you.

Best Buy: Save 25% on select appliances for a limited time.

Barnes & Noble: Good Housekeeping 400 Heart Healthy Recipes & Tips cookbook only $9.99 with purchase of any item until March 1.

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