Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Celebrate Discovery

weekend sales: 10 deals to celebrate discovery

Whether or not you believe Columbus is deserving of an official holiday, retailers don’t seem to mind celebrating the explorer with deals and discounts in the spirit of discovery. Consider Columbus Day weekend—and the savings TeacherPop has discovered below—a warm-up to Black Friday!

Saks Fifth Avenue: Up to 70% off during the Columbus Day Exceptional Savings Event through October 14th.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores: Free shipping on orders of $50 or more with coupon code OCTFREE50 through Saturday.

Barnes & Noble: Save 20% off one item through Monday with coupon code BNFAMILY20.

4 Ways to Be a Better Advocate for Yourself and Your Students

4 ways to advocate for yourself and your students

Before I started teaching, I rarely had to ask for help. I worked hard and researched answers when I came across a challenge, but never in my life have I even felt quite like I was drowning and didn’t even begin to know where to turn. I dislike asking for help and would much rather pretend like everything is okay and try to deal with the difficulties on my own, trying not to burden others with the issues I was having in my classroom and my inability to deal with them. However, instead of successfully taking these problems on, I felt very small, like I was on my own island.

12 Ways to Invest Your Students in School

12 Ways to Invest Your Students in School

Lesson planning mastered? Check. Classroom management plan implemented? Check. Class library organized? Check. Now what?

With the hustle and bustle of the first month of school behind you, autumn presents an exciting opportunity to engage and invest your students in learning, their quality of work, and in being a part of your class. Check out the list below for 12 awesome investment-building tips.

  1. Display student work inside your classroom and outside of it too.
  1. Allow students to have a classroom job or responsibility.
  1. Select books and project themes based on students’ interests.

Teach. Eat. Repeat. Recipe: Chicken Pad Thai


Weekly recipe

Sometimes you just want a hearty, spicy, stick-to-your-belly kind of meal. This is it. We lightened up a traditional pad thai recipe by loading up on vegetables and eliminating the noodles. It still has all the flavor you love, but none of the refined carbohydrates. Feel free to mix it up by adding different vegetables or switching the nut butter to another favorite! This one travels to school and reheats  in the microwave really well.

What You’ll Need

  • 4 oz chicken breast per person, cubed
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DonorsChoose.org Pick: Literacy through Gardening

Gardening with kids

Ms. Henderson’s classroom at Lincoln Elementary School in Richmond, California is affectionately referred to as the Learning Center—or El Centro de Aprendizaje—by students, teachers, and families from the surrounding neighborhood.

“It is the room where the lowest performing students in the school (70 students in grades K-6) and the students with specialized learning needs come once a day for a reprieve from their general education classrooms,” Ms. Henderson writes. “It is a safe haven for many students who are used to ‘not getting it,’ who oftentimes ‘feel stupid’ or like they ‘can’t’ (a word that is banned from my classroom).”

Weekend Sales: 10 Cool Deals for Fall

Weekend Sales: 10 Cool Deals for Fall

It’s the first Friday in October and there’s no better time to find a cozy sweater to wear while sipping cider and traipsing about falling leaves. And don’t forget folks, Halloween falls on the weekend again (as it most properly should), so there’s no excuse for not celebrating its tricks and treats! Check out the cool deals below and begin enjoying all the splendor fall has to offer, dog costumes included!

Banana Republic: Up to 40% off on all sweaters through Sunday.

9 School Supplies That Will Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

9 School Supplies That Will Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

To kick off Teach For America’s 25th anniversary, TeacherPop is revisiting, #TBT-style, a few of our favorite things from the classroom. This week, TFA alum Corinne Haynes takes a look back at her favorite 90s school supplies.

As a kid, I loved back-to-school shopping. As a teacher, not much has changed. What is it about fresh notebooks and unopened packages of pencils that are so thrilling? The only difference is the trend in cutesy supplies. What ever happened to Lisa Frank? I miss those psychedelic animals. Read on for more of my favorite school supply fads, straight from a 90s kid-turned-teacher.

7 Ways to Leverage Parent Support in Your Classroom

How to leverage parent support in the classroom

The days become shorter and shorter, while the to-do lists grow longer and longer. These are the signs that fall is here. But did you know there is a group of people who can help with behavior management, classroom projects, lesson plan ideas, and chaperoning field trips? Who? Look no further than your students’ parents.

Below, you will find a list of ideas to help leverage parent support in your classroom for the stressful month of October, and the rest of the school year, too.