DonorsChoose Pick: Help Empower Students in Brooklyn Through Technology

Teach For America alum Leigh Conner (Los Angeles ’10) believes technology can empower her middle school students at Unity Preparatory Charter School in Brooklyn to live fulfilling academic, personal, and professional lives. But for her kids to succeed, they need to experience the same technology in middle school that they’ll soon encounter in high school, college, and the world beyond.

“My students are eager to learn the latest technology and keep up with their peers from more affluent schools,” Ms. Conner says. “But the vast majority of my students do not have access to computers or Internet at home and only get to use what is available in the school.”

6 Teacher Reads to Start Your Week

Happy Monday, y’all! If you’re looking for a few teacher reads to expand your horizons this week, TeacherPop has you covered. From show-and-tell to a school district’s desegregation efforts, we’ve compiled all the top teaching-related news from the last two weeks. Check out these seven teacher reads to start your week!

In this Mississippi school district, desegregation efforts are finally moving forward, decades after the Brown v. Board of Education decision.

“They’re excited to walk in and be able to show other students what they know.” Teachers in rural areas are engaging students with maker spaces.

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Florida Learn About the Natural World

Teach For America corps member Romy Ginsberg (Miami-Dade ’16) teaches a group of students at Norland Middle School in Miami Gardens, Florida whose curiosity causes them to inquire about everything.

Eager to learn about the natural world, her students are learning how to think scientifically. They have a solid foundation in scientific concepts—think classification of living things—and actively reinforce what they learn by participating in hands-on activities like dissection. But resources are limited.

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Spring Forward in Style

Happy Friday, y’all! With our clocks jumping ahead one hour this weekend, there’s no better time than now to start prepping for the long, sun-filled days on the horizon. And, of course, TeacherPop has scoured the web for some of the best deals to celebrate the time-change. Check out these 10 deals to spring forward in style!

J.Crew: Save 25% on women’s wear-to-work styles and men’s best-selling styles with coupon code SHOPTOIT through Saturday.

LOFT: Take 40% off select full-price styles for a limited time.

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Essential Self-Care Tips for the Tired Teacher

Essential self-care tips for teachers

Teaching is tough. If you come home from school and feel like it’s all you can do to sign into your Netflix account and press “play,” you’re not alone. Watching bad TV isn’t the only way to unwind after a hard day of teaching. In fact, there may be more beneficial ways to take care of you.

How to Support LGBTQ Students in the Classroom

How to support LGBTQ students in the classroom

On February 22, guidance from the Obama Administration that supported an interpretation of gender as inclusive of gender identity, was reversed by our current administration. As director of Teach For America’s LGBTQ Community Initiative, I know how troubling and concerning this news has been for many teachers and especially the LGBTQ students and families you serve across our regions.

DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Houston Develop a Love of Reading

Teach For America alum Samantha Marquez (Houston ’14) believes her students at YES Prep West in Houston are redefining what is possible when it comes to reading.

“Many come from low-income families and struggle with a variety of issues before they even walk into the classroom,” Ms. Marquez says. “As a reading intervention teacher and the school’s librarian, I’ve seen all of our students embrace a whatever-it-takes attitude to ensure their personal literary growth.”

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Classroom

5 spring cleaning tips for the classroom

Spring break is here (or almost here), and while you’re likely ready to enjoy life outside of school, it’s also the perfect time to tidy up the classroom. If you’re like me, by this time of year, nothing in your classroom is where it really belongs, and there are papers from August collecting dust. Here are five spring cleaning tips to help you reorganize and get ready to finish off the year strong.

1. Get rid of things.