• The thin line between culture appropriation and appreciation. Native American culture has been front page news these past couple months due to questionable fashion choices. This Native American blogger explains how the recent incidents speak to ignorance about her people and culture.
  • Narcissism has its advantages: “…[it] is useful for attaining leadership positions, maintaining power, and even stimulating creativity and innovation.” This article explores how General Pertraeus’ rise and fall highlight the good and bad of narcissism.
  • Make your teaching life easier! Find out about free innovative websites and apps for teachers on this blog.
  • Depending on where you live, you may mindlessly pass by hundreds of strangers each day. This blogger stops strangers, asks for a picture, and every so often scratches below the surface to find out what’s on their mind. The result is a truly dynamic blog.
  • TFANet Resource: Lab
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