punk rock preschoolCan 4 year olds rock? Of course!  Meet Jarred Geller’s Pre-K class at Eugene Field Elementary School in Oklahoma City. These enthusiastic wee scholars are tearing the roof off with their catchy tune, The Shapes Song (Oh Boy Oh Man), and just premiered a brand-new music video on YouTube. Currently in his second year with Teach For America, Jarred first introduced songs to his four- and five-year-olds to keep them engaged with challenging subjects like geography, outer space, and storytelling.

And why not make those songs rock? After all, educational music doesn’t have to be boring. Jarred’s guitar riffs and lyrical stylings worked so well that Punk Rock Preschool (“educational music with a punch…and a kick”) was born. He soon began introducing new tunes to his class with each unit and theme.

This quarter the kids are still bringing the noise. With a focus on civics, business, economics, and entrepreneurship, the class is tackling high-level material with an end goal of becoming rock star entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurship teaches personal responsibility, initiative, problem solving, ambition, creativity, leadership, and fulfillment,” Jared writes. “These are the values that we need to foster to help strengthen and build our communities.”

The class recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to accomplish several goals, including saving endangered species, planting a community garden, and most importantly, going to California to become rock stars.

Please consider contributing to Punk Rock Preschool’s Kickstarter project so OKC’s finest (sorry, Wayne) can “make rocking music, make a real change, and understand what it takes to be a successful business-toddler in the digital age.” Help Punk Rock Preschool achieve its goal today!