Thank you message for teachers

Teachers, this Thanksgiving, we’re reflecting on how thankful the world is to have people like you in it.

For all of the mornings you wake up early, and the nights you stay up late.

For the lessons you plan long after the school day has ended, the materials you carefully get together on your weekends, and pay for with your own money, without giving it a second thought.

For the smiles you share and hands you hold, the dreams you help unfold.

For the creativity and personality you put into your courses.

For the speed and agility with which you play tag at recess, the grace with which you chaperone middle school dances, the community you are a part of.

For the hours spent perfecting your “teacher voice,” not to mention your seating chart, classroom, and bulletin boards.

For all the notes you send home, the parents you call, the field trips you plan with your students in mind.

For the times you use your students’ names in math problems, the dance recitals, soccer games, and birthday parties you attend.

For the birthdays you remember, the misbehavior and less than perfect days you forget.

For thinking about your students and wishing them the best, years after they leave your classroom.

For realizing the influence you have in this world, even if it is hard.

For being a role model.

For teaching core content and life lessons at the same time.

For all the times you cared enough to ask, “Are you okay?”

For changing lives and for letting your life be changed by the job you do.

Thank you, teachers, for all that you do.