7 Holiday Gifts for Students That Won’t Break the Bank

Are you looking forward to a well-deserved few weeks off to relax, sing holiday songs, eat delicious cookies, and unwind? We hear you, but first things first: Pinterest! Yes, we’re talking about scouring everyone’s favorite digital scrapbook for cute student gifts that won’t break the bank. Here are seven easy, cheap, and fun holiday gift ideas for teachers to give to their students.


Grab that laminator, and design a bookmark with a picture of your class, an inspirational quote about reading, or featured student artwork. Print it out double-sided with four or five per page and, voila, no more dogged-eared pages in your classroom library books!

DIY Dr. Seuss bookmarks

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  1. Melted Crayon Holiday Shapes

If you haven’t introduced yourself to the art teacher yet, now is your chance! Grab a fistful of broken crayon pieces, peel off the paper, and place the pieces in holiday shaped baking molds. Place the molds in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes, let your shapes cool, and carefully pop out your crayons from the molds.

Melted Crayon Holiday Shapes

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  1. Kindness Ornaments

Encourage your students to write kind notes to one another on special printed or colored paper strips. Then, give students one clear winter bulb each, and inside they can keep their kind messages. It reinforces writing, generates a team spirit, gives students a pretty ornament, and will keep your kids smiling for years to come.

Ornaments with notes inside

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  1. A Class Card

As a class, create your own holiday-style card for your students to take home. You might consider taking a group photo to include on the card, too. It will make your students feel like a special part of your class even when you aren’t together over winter break.

Holiday card template for kids

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  1. Books

Nothing is more useful than the gift of learning! Sponsor a book drive, check out scholastic.com for books starting at just $1, or see these past posts for ideas on how to get books without breaking your budget: Scoring Free Books for Your Students and Crowdfunding for the Classroom.

children's books organized on spice racks

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  1. Holiday Coupons

Using clipart and your imagination, generate coupons to give to your students that they can redeem at a later date. The coupons could include benefits such as “lunch with a teacher” or “pick your own partner,” depending on the age of your class.

holiday coupon book

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  1. Hand-Written Notes

Ask your students to design their own stationery with multi-colored paint. When it’s dry, cut it into small squares and write personalized notes to your students.

teacher notecards

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Still scrambling to get something together? Don’t worry! Tell your students you care, wish them a lovely break, and they will love you all the same. There’s always Valentine’s Day.

Happy Holidays!