Happy Friday and almost-Thanksgiving, y’all! If you’re looking to catch up on all the teaching-related news from the last two weeks, TeacherPop has gathered a few important stories from around the web to help. Check out this latest installment of our bi-weekly teaching-related reads!

NPR spent a day with students and families working to complete the new FAFSA process. Check out what they found. Hint: It’s still not that easy.

“We want our young people to understand that the courts work for them.” An innovative program in New York is helping students understand the judicial process.

Edutopia offers a few helpful tips for teachers interested in facilitating professional development conversations focused on equity.

The fine folks at Edutopia are at it again with tips for teachers looking to combine project-based and service learning to make a difference inside and outside the classroom.

“As social-emotional learning becomes more necessary to help students navigate life and work, empathy is getting more popular by the day, for good reason: Empathy lies at the heart of 21st century skillfulness in teamwork, collaboration and communication in a diverse world.”

In this TED Talk, award-winning product manager and maker Fawn Qiu offers a few tips on how to use everyday classroom materials to encourage an interest in engineering among your students.

Looking for a book to add to your holiday reading list? The National Book Award winners were just announced!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, this video making the rounds is evidence of the amazing potential those musical instruments commonly found in elementary classrooms have.

What’s on your reading list for this weekend? Share your links below!