“My students are already facing more challenges than most of us can imagine,” says Teach For America corps member Megan Koehnen (Twin Cities ’16). “As the children of immigrants, they are faced with the daunting responsibility of making their parents’ sacrifices worth it.”

Ms. Koehnen’s students at Higher Ground Academy in Saint Paul, Minnesota are often first- and second-generation immigrants from East Africa and have come to the United States with their families in search of better opportunities. They’re also joyous, witty, and energetic, Ms. Koehnen adds, and have a deep interest in science and experimenting in the lab. But exploring their passion for science is limited, however, by a lack of lab equipment and resources.

“The enthusiasm and motivation of our students are unparalleled,” Ms. Koehnen says, “but without the necessary supplies, we cannot provide them the education they deserve.”

As a result, Ms. Koehnen has turned to DonorsChoose.org to raise funds to purchase the technology and basic supplies needed to support her students’ learning and for them to engage with the scientific world through laboratory experiments.

“These supplies provide the foundation for my students to engage more fully with science and provides opportunities for them to become inspired and develop a love of learning,” she says.

Please consider supporting Ms. Koehnen’s project today—and thank you, as always, for supporting teachers and the kids they serve.