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Kevai Jones understands the importance of education for a secure future. The New York Times highlights this young mother’s story in this year’s series of “The Neediest Cases.”

Researchers and scholars all over the world appear to be coming to a promising consensus on bilingualism and dual-language programs in schools.

“When it comes to sentence structure, Rocky, a sea lion, was a stickler.” NPR reports on what it’s like to teach a student body composed of 10 seals and two sea lions. Sound familiar?

Wondering which sounds are best to promote learning among your students? KQED’s MindShift has the answer.

Thanks to the fine folks at Google, teachers and students now have a three-decade long time-lapse of the Earth to help study the past, present, and future of the world.

Looking to promote collaboration among your students? Edutopia offers a few strategies to help encourage students to put their heads together in the classroom.

A few choice words from this amazing TED Talk about the power of mathematics:

Mathematics and computer science are the most imaginative art forms ever. And this thing about changing perspectives should sound a little bit familiar to you, because we do it every day. And then it’s called empathy. When I view the world from your perspective, I have empathy with you. If I really, truly understand what the world looks like from your perspective, I am empathetic. That requires imagination. And that is how we obtain understanding. And this is all over mathematics and this is all over computer science, and there’s a really deep connection between empathy and these sciences.

Find out how love blossomed in the Mississippi Delta for these two Teach For America alums. “One trip to Wendy’s and a Harry Potter movie later, they were inseparable.”

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