The students at ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy at Live Oak in New Orleans, Louisiana live and breathe creativity. And their teacher, Teach For America alum Leslie Goldberg (Mississippi Delta ’10), understands just how important a role the arts play in the lives of her students.

“Art and music are a way of life here,” Ms. Goldberg says, “and infusing it into our schools honors our community and gives our students a chance to express themselves and become woven into the fabric of our city.”

Her school has been designated one of the president’s Turnaround Arts Schools, which allows Ms. Goldberg’s students to develop a deeper connection to the creative arts through arts integration and specialized arts training for teachers, she says. And as result—and in partnership with a neighboring school that recently earned this designation—ReNEW will be welcoming two famous musicians as teaching artists.

To celebrate, Ms. Goldberg is working with students to craft “I’m Glorious” flags to honor their creativity and uniqueness. She has turned to to raise funds to purchase all the materials needed to make her school and community beautiful.

“We need 200 yards of yellow fabric and 200 sharpies to make it happen,” she says. “Once these flags are done, we plan to string them and hang them all around our school and our community so that everywhere our students go they remember how truly glorious they are.

Please consider supporting Ms. Goldberg’s project today—and thank you, as always, for supporting teachers and the kids they serve.