Happy Friday, y’all! As we warmly welcome the first Friday and full weekend of 2017, why not kick it off by cozying up with a few teaching-related reads? Check out these seven teacher reads to ring in the new year.

“I’ll see Joanie and Lisa at work, and recess becomes a band meeting, but then we start talking about our students and sharing notes about our students and really living the successes of each other’s students—and then we’re back at band practice again. They are so intertwined.” NPR talks to three elementary school teachers from southern California who have started a rock band.

This New Jersey teacher shares her experience relinquishing control in the classroom and embracing more student-centered approaches to classroom management.

Mind Shift—with help from TED-Ed—explores what happens to the brain when imaginations are at work.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is right around the corner, and Edutopia has a rundown of great resources for educators to use to teach and honor King’s legacy.

Have a case of the winter blues? Check out these tips from Edutopia to create your own self-care plan and improve your mood this winter season.

“If we don’t show up, then we lose generations of children, and we’re just repeating what I often say is generational genocide, that when our children aren’t learning here in our classrooms, then they can’t teach the next generation to be better, they can’t teach them to aspire, to want more.” Principal Nadia Lopez talks with PBS Newshour about how she’s helping students in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn “defy the odds.”

Have you resolved to simplify your tech life this new year? Well, the New York Times has a couple tips to help you make things easier tech-wise in 2017.