Teach For America alum Julie Oxenhandler (Baltimore ’09) understands math is often a challenging subject for her students at Afya Public Charter Middle School 337 in Baltimore. It can cause stress and anxiety, she says, and sometimes students even develop a negative association with school in general, as a result.

“My students are curious, active, intelligent middle schoolers,” Ms. Oxenhandler says. “They ask a lot of questions, hold themselves to high standards, and want nothing more than to have a positive impact on their school and neighborhood.”

This year, Ms. Oxenhandler is working diligently to ensure her students’ focus, hard work, and determination lead to success. She admits a lack of supplies could put a damper on her plan, so she’s turned to DonorsChoose.org to raise funds to purchase the basic materials her students need to step up to the challenge of math.

“By helping us get more folders, expo markers, erasers, and pencils you are ensuring that every student, every day, doesn’t waste time seeking out supplies because they will already have access to them,” Ms. Oxenhandler says. “Nobody likes to feel embarrassed because they don’t have a pencil or need to ask to borrow materials from their teacher or friends. With these extra supplies ready to go in the classroom, you’ll help build a culture of honesty rather than excuses.”

Please consider supporting Ms. Oxenhandler’s project today—and thank you, as always, for supporting teachers and the kids they serve.