Teach For America alum Valeria Estrada (Dallas – Fort Worth ’14) is working hard to strengthen her school community and engage students with extracurricular activities. One way she’s doing so is by helping her kids at Nancy J. Cochran Elementary School in Dallas start a school newspaper to keep students, parents, and the community up to date on all the happenings on campus.

“Our students crave opportunities to use technology to create things and share them with their peers and parents,” Ms. Estrada says.

Publishing a school newspaper will be an invaluable opportunity for her students to learn how to use tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Illustrator to create a news source for their school. But in addition to these tools, they’ll need essential supplies to get the presses running—none more vital than paper to print their articles, polls, graphs, and cartoons on.

As a result, Ms. Estrada has turned to DonorsChoose.org to raise funds to purchase the paper students need to produce their newspaper, along with other essentials like pens, clipboards, and writing process folders.

“Having these supplies will help our student newspaper staff strengthen their research and writing skills, as well as promote literacy across the school,” Ms. Estrada says. “These young journalists will use their writing process folders, clipboards, and colored pens to guide them through the whole writing process, from researching topics, interviewing others, drafting our stories, editing and revising them, and finally publishing and distributing the newspaper.”

Please consider supporting Ms. Estrada’s project today—and thank you, as always, for supporting teachers and the kids they serve.