Happy Friday, y’all! If you’re looking to take some time this weekend to catch up on the latest teaching-related news from the last two weeks, TeacherPop has you covered. Check out these seven teacher reads for the weekend!

“We know that when teachers, parents, communities, and the culture at large hold negative stereotypes (including low academic expectations) of minority-group members, and don’t positively affirm cultural diversity, their performance suffers.” The Atlantic takes a look at the opportunity gap.

Also from The Atlantic: Schools in suburban areas are experiencing an increase in racial diversity and are working to acquire the resources necessary for their students’ success.

“Fundamentally, this is a question about power in society. Not just financial power, but who is respected, whose views are listened to, who is assumed to be what kind of person.” The New York Times reports on a math camp in New York City aimed at bringing more diversity to the world of math.

A lesson plan on kindness from the fine folks at Edutopia.

A program in Washington, D.C. is pairing public school students with embassies, providing students a cool opportunity to learn about the culture, history, language, and food of other countries.

Mindfulness and meditation are helping students in Baltimore overcome the stress associated with living in poverty and among violence.

And here’s how to put student data to use to become a more effective teacher.

Have a great weekend!