Teach For America alum Leigh Conner (Los Angeles ’10) believes technology can empower her middle school students at Unity Preparatory Charter School in Brooklyn to live fulfilling academic, personal, and professional lives. But for her kids to succeed, they need to experience the same technology in middle school that they’ll soon encounter in high school, college, and the world beyond.

“My students are eager to learn the latest technology and keep up with their peers from more affluent schools,” Ms. Conner says. “But the vast majority of my students do not have access to computers or Internet at home and only get to use what is available in the school.”

An important tool in Ms. Conner’s classroom is the printer, which is lacking one key ingredient: toner. Ms. Conner has turned to DonorsChoose to raise funds to purchase toner so her students can print out essays they write on their Chromebooks, and research they find online for projects and other assignments.

“Their lives will be dramatically impacted by exposure to updated technology,” Ms. Conner says. “The printer will not be used for just a few weeks out of the year, but will be used on a daily basis by all my students.”

Please consider supporting Ms. Conner’s project today—and thank you, as always, for supporting teachers and the kids they serve.