Three years ago, Teach For America alum Chelsea Henderson (Arkansas ’13) wanted to provide a safe after-school outlet for her students at Earle High School in Arkansas, so she started a pick-up baseball league.

The league offers students a safe place to go after school that emphasizes health, teamwork, and self-discipline, and has become wildly popular in three short years—growing from six boys playing catch, to two full junior varsity and varsity teams. But with such a high level of interest, Ms. Henderson finds herself unable to provide her players with all the equipment they need to take the field.

“The demand is so high that I can no longer provide enough equipment/uniforms myself,” Ms. Henderson admits. “But I do want everyone who wants to play and is willing to show dedication, teamwork, and discipline to be able to be part of this team without having to share essential equipment.”

This year, anticipating even more interest in her baseball league, Ms. Henderson has turned to to raise funds to purchase additional equipment like gloves—so players don’t have to share with one another during practice—and a regulation bat for use during games.

“I would love to continue giving students this opportunity to do something after school giving less time for them to be on the streets,” Ms. Henderson says.

Please consider supporting Ms. Henderson’s project today—and thank you, as always, for supporting teachers and the kids they serve.