5 spring cleaning tips for the classroom

Spring break is here (or almost here), and while you’re likely ready to enjoy life outside of school, it’s also the perfect time to tidy up the classroom. If you’re like me, by this time of year, nothing in your classroom is where it really belongs, and there are papers from August collecting dust. Here are five spring cleaning tips to help you reorganize and get ready to finish off the year strong.

1. Get rid of things.

Start by going through old papers. Put papers to the side that you want to keep, and let students take home papers that you no longer need in the classroom. I always want to hold on to every single piece of paper because I think that I might need it one day, but I usually never do.  Next, see what things you’re not using and give them away. During my first year, I got a lot of things from other teachers and kept them just in case, but now the pile is growing and not moving. Take leftover art supplies to the art teacher or donate books to your school library. Finally, get rid of the clutter!

2. Reorganize.

Now that you’re clutter-free, it’s time to get organized! Remember those papers you put to the side? Sort and place into labeled bins to make it easier to keep up with them. One thing that definitely needs to be reorganized in my classroom is the library. After months of being used, most of the books are out of place. The one thing that I love about spring cleaning before spring break is student involvement. My students love to help around the classroom, and I can get a lot done with the extra hands!

3. Clean.

Spring is the perfect time to wipe things down that may have gone untouched for the past few months. Wipe off tables, whiteboards, and clean out your classroom closet. As you are cleaning, you will probably find that book you’ve been looking for or something that you don’t have to buy for upcoming lessons.

4. Take inventory

I like to save money by taking inventory of the things that I already have in my classroom. By spring break, my classroom will definitely need more tissue, hand sanitizer, and pencils. It’s great to know what you need in advance and will save you a lot of money.

5. Add something new.

It’s time for something new. Put up a spring-themed bulletin board, display student work, or introduce a new student center to add some pep to your classroom. Adding new things to your classroom will not only brighten things up after winter, but also add some much-needed motivation for  your students to finish up the year strong and meet all of your goals.

How do you spruce up your classroom after spring break? Share in the comments!