TeacherPop is dedicated to Teach For America corps members. We showcase real talk from Teach For America corps members and alumni, many of whom are still teaching. Writers offer uncommon wisdom for all of the challenges corps members face, sharing everything from difficult reflections on their darkest days to quick tips for sprucing up a classroom.

TeacherPop is all about promoting authenticity and transparency. What does that mean? It means less jargon. It means talking about the good, as well as the bad. It means being comfortable admitting what we don’t know and celebrating mistakes as learning opportunities.

Our communities have amazing resources—both on TFANet and collected in the regions. We’ll provide guidance and context around our excellent TFANet resources and pull in resources and interesting voices from other organizations, websites, social networks, and community partners. We’ll also cross-promote stories from other blogs and networks to represent the diversity of the corps member experience across the country. And we’ll strive to understand and serve the people behind the mission, recognizing that teachers’ lives contain much more than what they do in the classroom.

We’re out to connect corps members and get them sharing their expertise, passions, and perspective from their region.

If you’d like to write for us, just send us an email.