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I am a self-described Navy brat and professional educator. I'm a kindergarten teacher, TFAnet pre-k and kindergarten community leader, mother, and lover of ice-cream. I still live in my 2002 placement region, the longest I've ever lived anywhere, but I've never gotten used to the heat.

It’s The Little Things: Impact In Early Childhood

This is the first year I’ll have a student that won’t be promoted to first grade next year.  I was devastated that I wasn’t enough for him.  If structures in my community had been in place he would have been identified as needing extra help and placed a special needs pre-school class.  I was angry at his parents for not doing more, his older brothers are both in special education.  I was angry at the school system for fighting me on every step to get him extra help.  I was even told he might have to wait until next year to be evaluated.  I was mad that our community doesn’t have good parent education and support programs.  Most of all I was mad at myself for not being enough for him.

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Seeing The Big Picture: Wait! Where am I going again?

I know I came into this room for a reason

Magnet I purchased at Madame Tussauds in D.C.

So this is the point in the year when I’ve gotten on a roll (or maybe in a rut). I get caught up in the momentum and start to lose sight of my goals and my long term plan.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of my classroom I forget to step back and look at the bigger picture. Other times I get so overwhelmed by everything my students don’t know that I start to lose hope we’ll ever reach our goals.

How do I make sure that I don’t forget where I am going?

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The Teaching 15: How to Avoid Tasty Classroom Temptations

Perhaps not as well know as the Freshman 15, the Teaching 15 is a real threat to your health and well-being. Combine 8-10 hours of amazing (but exhausting) work and a super-short lunch (if you’re lucky) with snack time and you’ve got a recipe for unhealthy eating.  Add in birthday cupcakes and holiday celebrations and you might as well kiss you skinny jeans good-bye.

The US cover of Snack Attack

The US cover of Snack Attack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are my top five tips for making healthy choices to keep your energy up while teaching.

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