Steamy Heart

Late fall made it hard for Chloe Kannan (Mississippi Delta ’10) to see things clearly.(Photo credit: __KAREN__)

Oh, late fall. Hi, how are you? You have pretty autumn colors and the best holidays coming up. I always knew that about you. Oh, but no one told me that the worst month in the world for teaching is also included in your time frame. Thanks a lot.

Sound familiar? Now fall and I have a very different relationship, but back in my first year, October and I had a very bad falling out, which I will never ever forget. Seriously, I still remember the time that I just stared in the mirror with my hair all cut off and asking myself—what am I doing?

My name is Chloe. I am from Snellville, Georgia and grew up wanting to go on adventures and somehow try to help make a difference in the world. Simple goal in theory. Very insightful in practice.

I went to the University of Michigan and realized that the state of education in America was not okay. So I decided to join Teach for America and went to the Mississippi Delta to teach 7th and 8th grade ELA. The experience changed my life and changed me for the better affecting me in more ways than one.

I finished my corps experience and realized I wanted to become a school leader to have a bigger impact on education. I am now apart of Columbia Summer Principal’s Academy with an incredible group of colleagues and am working toward becoming a school leader. I am still teaching at my current school in Ruleville, Mississippi where I am also an instructional coach.