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DonorsChoose.org Pick: Literacy through Gardening

Gardening with kids

Ms. Henderson’s classroom at Lincoln Elementary School in Richmond, California is affectionately referred to as the Learning Center—or El Centro de Aprendizaje—by students, teachers, and families from the surrounding neighborhood.

“It is the room where the lowest performing students in the school (70 students in grades K-6) and the students with specialized learning needs come once a day for a reprieve from their general education classrooms,” Ms. Henderson writes. “It is a safe haven for many students who are used to ‘not getting it,’ who oftentimes ‘feel stupid’ or like they ‘can’t’ (a word that is banned from my classroom).”

Weekend Sales: 10 Cool Deals for Fall

Weekend Sales: 10 Cool Deals for Fall

It’s the first Friday in October and there’s no better time to find a cozy sweater to wear while sipping cider and traipsing about falling leaves. And don’t forget folks, Halloween falls on the weekend again (as it most properly should), so there’s no excuse for not celebrating its tricks and treats! Check out the cool deals below and begin enjoying all the splendor fall has to offer, dog costumes included!

Banana Republic: Up to 40% off on all sweaters through Sunday.

10 Energy-Boosting Coffee Alternatives for Teachers

10 energy-boosting, coffee alternatives for teachers

The following guest blog is written by Thrive Market contributor, Gina Vaynshteyn. Thrive Market is dedicated to supporting teachers and providing the resources you need to lead happy, healthy lives. Register for your free Thrive membership today.

Like most people who struggle to stay awake during the day, I absolutely need a cup of coffee to get me going—and stay going. Teachers have an extra challenge: y’all have to be “on” all day long, even when you’re tired and need a break!

Caffeine is fine in moderation, and a regular drinker probably shouldn’t eliminate it cold turkey, but nobody should be relying on coffee alone to keep up their energy.

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Top 10 Weekend Sales for Teachers

Top 10 Weekend Sales for Teachers

Guys, do you like football? We completely understand if you don’t and/or you object to the NFL’s practices (we sure do), but it’s hard not to get excited for fall when football’s in the air. We nearly laughed out loud when we saw the first deal on this week’s sales roundup—crock pots with your favorite team’s logo—but the price is right so we’re presenting it to you without (excessive) comment. Get slow cooking with all the hot deals below.

Crock-Pot: 25% off NFL and collegiate slow cookers with code TOUCHDOWN.

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Garments for Good: New J.Crew for TFA Tee Launches In-Stores and Online

Garments for Good: J.Crew for TFA tees

Teachers, can we talk about something super important? We know you’re focused on achieving a host of big goals with your students this year, but it’s time to take a breather for fashion.

The fine folks at J.Crew are back at it again with another super cute tee to help Teach For America continue to recruit and train committed individuals like you to serve students in our country’s highest-need classrooms.

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Top 14 Fictional Teachers on Television

Top 14 Fictional Teachers on Television

Teachers on television may not represent the most realistic portrayal of the profession, but they leave a big mark on our lives, whether we’re impressionable kids or entertainment-seeking adults. As we kick off Teach For America’s 25th anniversary, TeacherPop is looking back, #TBT-style, at all the teachers who’ve inspired us on the small screen. Here are 14 of our favorite TV teachers and why we love them.

1. Mr. Bergstrom from “The Simpsons”

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16 Bulletin Boards to Get You Excited for Fall

As TeacherPop mentioned on Friday, we’ve finally decided fall isn’t so bad after all (though, rip summer). We’re getting in the spirit of the official start of fall this week by picking out our favorite autumn-themed bulletin boards. There’s something for everyone: fall foliage, spooky ghosts, smiling pumpkins, and apples for days. Get inspired with these 16 fall bulletin boards.

1. Friday Night Lights

Football bulletin board

via Crafty Morning

2. Harvesting Knowledge

Harvesting Knowledge fall bulletin board

via Water Bench

3. An Apple a Day

Apple fall bulletin board

via My Classroom Ideas

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Weekend Sales: 10 Deals and Discounts for Teachers

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals and Discounts

With the fall equinox making an appearance next week, TeacherPop has finally accepted that summer is firmly in the rearview mirror and embraced all things autumn. Apple picking? Check! Cozy sweaters? Check, check! Pumpkin spice everything? Check, check, check! We’re even getting excited about Halloween. (We know.) It turns out some retail establishments are also touting fall’s charms (shocker!), which means deals aplenty for you.

Kohl’s: An extra 20% off with coupon code YES2FRIENDS through Sept. 20.

ASOS: 60% off men’s footwear.

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