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Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Kick Off Fall in Style

Though it still may be a bit little early to hear the crunch of leaves under your feet, and the nights aren’t quite cool and crisp enough for a warm mug of cider, fall is finally here! So why not celebrate in style? As you shift gears this weekend and prep for all the layers of awesomeness fall has in store, be sure to check out these deals to kick off the new season in style!

H&M: Save up to 50% on autumn essentials for a limited time.

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6 Ways New Teachers Can Take Back Sunday

Sundays get a bad rap, not just in teaching circles, but pretty much any profession. For many new teachers, Sunday is merely the day before Monday and the beginning of a new work week. But Sundays have the potential to be so much more!

TeacherPop is confident that with just a little effort, we can help Sunday avail itself of its reputation so teachers can fully embrace it for all its awesomeness. What day of the week is both a day off and a day that precedes your return to the rewarding role of teaching? Exactly! So if that day of the week is leaving you feeling a little blue, check out these strategies for new teachers to take back Sunday.

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Unlock the 21st-Century in Florida With Computers

For Teach For America corps member Leah Barsanti (Miami-Dade ’15), it’s important that her students at Horace Mann Middle School continue striving for success and become 21st-century learners.

Technology, of course, will play a vital role in this pursuit. And even though Horace Mann Middle is considered the district’s “technology magnet,” its students are only allotted two hours a month for computer-based learning.

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Discover and Organize Your Next Field Trip With Frip

For both student and teacher, there aren’t many experiences more exciting than a field trip. Discovering new places and meeting knowledgeable experts that inspire and engage your students is a perfect complement to the lessons taught in your classroom, but planning and organizing the experience can be a challenge.

Thanks to Frip, a free field trip app, organizing memorable experiences for your students outside the classroom is easy and convenient. Simply enter the grade level and subject matter you’re studying for a listing of awesome and unique possibilities in your community. And once your sights are set on the perfect learning destination, submit your booking request form for a confirmation email filled with activities to do before, during, and after the field trip.

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Learn New Strategies for Teaching High School Geometry 

Are you a high school math teacher interested in learning innovative and effective strategies to help teach your students all they need to know about angles, planes, line segments, and more? Well, you’re in luck!

Teach For America, in partnership with fine folks at edX, is hosting a teacher training course for educators looking to incorporate effective high school geometry lesson planning and teaching strategies into their classroom. This free seven-week course will help you reimagine your approach to teaching geometry and allow you to create a classroom environment that will foster success and empower students to explore math on their own.

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Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Bid Farewell to Summer

Goodbye summer, hello fall! As we head into the the last official weekend of summer, TeacherPop couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store for the change of season. Though you’re still probably rocking shorts and tees on the weekend, it’s never too early to start shopping for those cozy sweaters and wool socks to keep you warm when the temp drops. Check out these deals to bid summer a final farewell and welcome fall in style!

H&M: Save up to 60% on sale styles for a limited time.

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8 Ways to Check for Student Understanding

8 Ways to Check for Student Understanding

Compelling explanations on complicated topics may result in some engaged, nodding heads from your students, but overall class comprehension can sometimes be difficult to measure. There are several ways to be assured your students are understanding the information you’re delivering. (And they don’t require any mind reading—just a bit of time and extra planning!)

Try these eight strategies to check for understanding during your next lesson.

Interactive notebooks

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Advice to TFA Corps Members During Their First Year in the Classroom

Lindsey Bailey (Hawai’i ‘12) teaches 3rd grade at Makakilo Elementary School in Makakilo on Oahu.

Calling all new Teach For America corps members! At the start of a new school year, we salute thousands of you as you mark the beginning of an unforgettable experience making a difference in the lives of children. In that spirit, we took to Facebook and Instagram to ask TFA alumni what advice they have for new corps members during their first year in the classroom. Here is a collection of some of our favorite words of wisdom.

On Building Relationships

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