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Motivation Monday: The Dream Begins

Motivation Monday: The Dream Begins

Weekend Sales: Top 10 Deals for Teachers

working on laptopJust because Spring Break is a distant memory, and summer feels miles and millions of tests away, doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming of freebies and the comfort they can provide. That’s why we’re here, teachers. We make your daydreams a reality. Take a look at this week’s deals, and tell us you don’t feel better just knowing that free stuff and excellent deals are out there, happily offering themselves up to you and everyone you know.

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How to Create a Student-Driven Top 10 List of Classroom Expectations

How to Create a Student-Driven Top 10 List of Classroom Expectations

Most teachers would agree that creating a classroom culture in which students are empowered to follow the rules and eager to work together as a team is a win-win for everyone. One way to achieve this happy synergy is to implement a top 10 expectations and rewards system, developed and created by your students. Learn more about how to get your students invested in creating an efficient, focused classroom.

This post was adapted from a longer article titled “Implementing a Top 10 Expectations System” by Adam Brumer.

Top 14 Pinterest Picks for Earth Day

Earth DayIsn’t Earth the BEST? Our lovely planet has hosted billions of years of life and its rotation around the sun is always on point. It rarely complains, even when its party guests are super rude and don’t clean up after themselves.

TeacherPop bows down to Earth’s many selfless qualities every day, but we’re going the extra mile on April 22 for Earth Day. In our search for great ways to celebrate Earth Day in the classroom, we turned to our bestie/online bulletin board: Pinterest. Check out our top 14 Pinterest picks for Earth Day activities in the classroom.

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DonorsChoose.org Pick: Exploring the World Through Books

children's library books

The students in Ms. Elvir’s English class at Annie Webb Blanton Elementary School in Dallas love to read. They are exceedingly curious about the world around them and motivated to improve their literacy skills. Nearly 70% of Ms. Elvir’s students are several years behind academically in English and Spanish, but they have read nearly every book in their school’s small library.

“My students are powerful and inquisitive little people who have a real thirst for knowledge,” says Ms. Elvir. “They want to explore the world, challenge beliefs, and make big (necessary) changes.”

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Motivation Monday: Essential

There is no profession more essential than that of an educator.

Weekend Sales: Top 10 Deals for Teachers (Tax Day Edition!)

weekend salesThe taxman is making his annual appearance next week, and that means one of two things: you have a little extra moola in your pocket from a refund (here’s hoping), or you owe taxes and need a little pick-me-up (preferably in the form of free food). Either way, you’re in luck, dear readers, because half of this week’s deals will help you unload that extra dough, while the other half will hook you up with delicious Tax Day freebies. Onward!

Nominate an Educator for the Symantec Innovation in Teaching Awards

Symantec Innovation in Teaching AwardKnow an amazing teacher who is doing something innovative in the classroom to transform students’ lives? We are thrilled to announce that Symantec, one of Teach For America’s longest-standing STEM Initiative supporters, is once again honoring Teach For America corps members and alumni with the Symantec Innovation in Teaching Awards. Applications are now open!

Apply directly or nominate fellow outstanding corps members or alumni by May 8. Five winners will be granted a $1,000 personal award and a $1,500 resource grant for their schools plus an all-expenses paid trip to the Teach For America Alumni Educators conference in July.

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