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Motivation Monday: Get It Done


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Motivation Monday: Change


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Motivation Monday: Success


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Motivation Monday: Service


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Motivation Monday: Won’t Give Up

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Students Speak: Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, we’ve compiled 9 poems from our student Poet Warriors about how they view the work of their parents.  Take a moment to read through the collection and see your student’s parents through their eyes.

PWP Labor Day


Read the collection of poems:


The Poet Warriors Project is a Teach For America creative-writing initiative that encourages students to discover the lessons they have to teach about identity, community, place, and family, and then share their stories through poetry. Students sharpen their understanding of their world, learn to craft poetic narratives, and then publish for the nation to see in order to teach, empower, and create change.

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Motivation Monday: Opportunity


Motivation Monday: Today

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