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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Create a Dramatic Play Area in Chicago

Teach For America alum Jenna Klotz (Houston ’09) is working hard to create an engaging classroom experience for her kindergartners at Pershing Humanities Magnet School in Chicago—one that will prepare her students for first grade.

With a diverse group of students who love to come to school and share a passion for learning, Ms. Klotz understands the importance of providing a classroom environment that’s filled with enrichment. And one way she has set out to do this is by creating a dramatic play area for her students.

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Happy Holidays from TeacherPop

Girl and other students holiday message

Winter break is here! Congratulations on wrapping up an excellent semester, teachers. You are an amazing, inspiring lot.

TeacherPop is taking a break, too, and this will be our last post of the year. We look forward to seeing you all back here in 2017. Happy holidays!!


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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Create a Comfy Floor Space for Students in Louisiana

Teach For America alum Samantha Slim (South Louisiana ’11) teaches a group of inquisitive third graders that are always on the hunt for knowledge.

“They come from backgrounds that are often challenging and overwhelming,” Ms. Slim says of her students from Rosenwald Elementary School in New Roads, Louisiana. “However, each day they are looking forward to learning and exploring.”

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20 Books to Read Over the Holiday Break

For teachers, the holiday break means some much-deserved “me time.” And we all know there’s no better way to spend these few weeks away from the classroom than with a good book! Whether you’re looking for a read that will transport you to another world while cozied up on the couch, or one that will deepen your knowledge on public policy, TeacherPop has put together a winter reading list with something for every teacher. Check out these 20 books to read over the holiday break.


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7 Teacher Reads for the Weekend

If you’re looking for a few teaching-related reads to kick back with between holiday shopping outings this weekend, TeacherPop has you covered. Check out our latest installment of the best teaching-related stories and articles from the last two weeks.

“Students now feel that this is a place that they really want to be in. They take pride in their school. They take pride in the environment.” NPR reports on the positive impact art is having on schools in Miami.

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in New Orleans Express Their Creativity

The students at ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy at Live Oak in New Orleans, Louisiana live and breathe creativity. And their teacher, Teach For America alum Leslie Goldberg (Mississippi Delta ’10), understands just how important a role the arts play in the lives of her students.

“Art and music are a way of life here,” Ms. Goldberg says, “and infusing it into our schools honors our community and gives our students a chance to express themselves and become woven into the fabric of our city.”

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7 Alternatives to a Classroom Website

If you’ve created a website for your classroom, you know how helpful it is to have all your content organized in one convenient and accessible space. You probably also enjoy how easy it is to keep your students informed and engage parents with just a few clicks of a mouse.

But with a website comes maintenance and worry that students and parents aren’t utilizing it to its full potential. If your digital classroom is due for a much-needed overhaul, TeacherPop has come up with a few platforms and services to consider. Check out these seven alternatives to a classroom website, all of which will help you connect with your students on a deeper level.

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Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Kick Off the Holiday Shopping Season

Whether you’ve gotten head start on all your holiday shopping or still crafting a list of special someones to buy for, TeacherPop has some awesome deals to help you fully embrace the gift-giving spirit. Check out these deals to kick off the holiday shopping season!

J.Crew: Take 30% off your entire purchase—or 40% when you spend $200 or more—with coupon code PRESENTS through Sunday.

LOFT: Save 40% on everything with coupon code STYLEEVENT for a limited time.

Ann Taylor: Save 40% on full-price styles with coupon code SHOP40 for a limited time.

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