Watch: Baltimore Students on Why Teaching Matters

These winter months can be especially challenging for teachers. Suddenly, weekends are not nearly enough to rejuvenate us, and the next break is too far out of reach. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with our purpose, and what is truly important: our students.

Our kids can easily get lost among the noise of professional development, evaluations, lesson plan deadlines, or grad school classes. Spend some time listening to the voices of these students, who remind us why teaching matters.

Happy Love Teaching Week


TeacherPop has never been known to turn down an opportunity to celebrate teaching, which is why we’re thrilled to spread the word about Love Teaching Week! In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, teachers across the country have been taking to social media this week to talk about why they #LoveTeaching. The campaign aims to “shine a light on all the good teaching has to offer,” and squash all those false rumors that teaching isn’t the awesome, meaningful career that we all know it to be.

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Video: First Graders Reflect on Rosa Parks, MLK, for 2015 White House Student Film Festival

In honor of Rosa Parks Day, TeacherPop is visiting the amazing first graders at Boston’s Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School, and their short film, Service to Others, a submission to the 2015 White House Student Film Festival.

At Orchard Gardens, 90% of our students come from low-income families, and 100% of them are bursting with potential. Our students take classes in visual arts, theater, music, and dance. These artistic endeavors combined with academic standards provide our students with a means for expressing learning that often surpasses paper-and-pencil methods.

Reflecting on My First Semester of Teaching


As I wind up my first semester of teaching in rural Arkansas, I finally have the chance to step back and examine my life for the past five months. Since relocating from the northeast (where I was born, raised, and attended college), settling in down south has been a challenge, but one for which I am very grateful. This semester has been full of firsts for me, and I have learned from each one.

WATCH: Students Write Holiday Wishlist for Favorite Teacher

Mr. Spencer’s high school class sat down to write a wishlist for their favorite teacher. The results weren’t exactly what they expected, but they all agreed on one thing—Mr. Spencer is a pretty cool teacher. Watch the video.

Want to make a real difference? Teach! Find out how at Teach For America.

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4 Reasons the Bus Is Not the Best


There is nothing less fun than riding on a bus. It is a unifying principle of the universe that riding on a bus, even a nice bus, is unpleasant. Young or old, nerd or jock, student or teacher, riding on a bus is a fate that should be reserved for those who perpetrated a capital crime and no one else.

Why I Choose Kindness in the Classroom


Like so many other first-year teachers, the range of emotions I go through in a day rivals that of the most passionate sports fan during a close game. I’ll feel joy, elation, and ease one minute, and soon after swing all the way to disappointment, frustration, and sometimes anger. The roller coaster of emotions that I experience is exhausting. Yet, the good and the bad keep me up at night as I go over and over in my mind the events of the day.

Stories From Native Students

It’s Native Heritage Month! Celebrate by turning an ear to the voices of our native students across the country.

We’ve compiled thirteen autobiographical poems by some of TFA’s Native Hawaiian, Navajo, and Lakota students involved in our student voices initiative, the Poet Warriors Project. Enjoy the teaser excerpts, click to read the full poems on the Poet Warriors site, print and share these stories with your students, and if you’re interested in publishing your classes with the Poet Warriors Project, find out more here!