DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Minnesota Develop a Love of Learning

“My students are already facing more challenges than most of us can imagine,” says Teach For America corps member Megan Koehnen (Twin Cities ’16). “As the children of immigrants, they are faced with the daunting responsibility of making their parents’ sacrifices worth it.”

Ms. Koehnen’s students at Higher Ground Academy in Saint Paul, Minnesota are often first- and second-generation immigrants from East Africa and have come to the United States with their families in search of better opportunities. They’re also joyous, witty, and energetic, Ms. Koehnen adds, and have a deep interest in science and experimenting in the lab. But exploring their passion for science is limited, however, by a lack of lab equipment and resources.

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DonorsChoose Pick: Bring Yoga and Wellness to Students in Oakland

The students at Garfield Elementary School in Oakland, California face many barriers to academic success. Despite these challenges, they show up to school each day ready to succeed.

“The weight that many of my students carry on their shoulders is far beyond what any six-year-old should have to handle,” says their teacher, Teach For America alum Roya Bazaei (Bay Area ’12). “But still, 24 bubbly faces bounce into my classroom each morning, ready and eager to learn.”

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Tulsa Build an Equitable and Bright Future

Teach For America alum Nicky DeMoss (Greater Tulsa ’12) understands just how pivotal a learning environment infused with arts and technology—one that focuses on social-emotional development and holds kids to high expectations—is for her students’ academic success.

“Our students are deeply bright, incredibly insightful, and powerful young men and women who are creating visions for their futures and taking active steps toward achieving their goals,” Mrs. DeMoss says. “By providing targeted intervention, I am helping to propel my students toward deeper and broader content understanding, increased achievement, and high levels of confidence and competence.”

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Sign Up Today to Join StoryCorps and Our Community of Storytellers

Teach For America is once again partnering with StoryCorps, the national oral-history project, to help your students gather important stories from their families during The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016. It’s not just turkey, stuffing, and pie that are on tap this Thanksgiving, but great conversation too!

StoryCorps is encouraging students to join together this holiday season and interview an elder member of their family about their personal history. With StoryCorps’ free app, students will be able to record their conversation and share it with the world, just as teacher Michelle Fockler did this past year. And teachers can take advantage of this teacher resource toolkit that includes detailed instructions on how to help students get started, permission slips, lesson plans, and follow-up activities.

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Baltimore Dissect Frogs

Teach For America corps member Nakai Corral (Baltimore `16) teaches a group of motivated, excited, and curious biology students at Forest Park Senior High School in Baltimore, Maryland. They’re so enthusiastic about learning that they’re begging their teacher non-stop for frogs to dissect.

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Integrate Science and Literature in Atlanta

Teach For America alum Shandrea Hardeman (Las Vegas Valley ’11) refers to her classroom as a beehive. And her students, she says, are curious, energetic, and hardworking kids who hang onto every word of the day’s lesson.

“If you came in and just watched,” she says, “you’d see 25 students buzzing around with an intense focus on completing the task at hand.”

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Create a Comfy Classroom in Charlotte

Teach For America alum Kaylona Scott (Charlotte ’14) describes her students at Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina as intelligent, outgoing, and charismatic. And as Ms. Park goes into her third year of teaching she hopes to encourage her students to change the world despite the challenges they face in their lives.

“My scholars are faced with huge obstacles that begin outside of school,” she says. “I am often faced with the challenge of creating an environment that is consistent, comfortable, and engaging.”

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Make Young Readers Laugh in Berkeley

The kids at Emerson Elementary School in Berkeley, California love to read. They also love to laugh.

“We check out over 600 books a week,” Emerson Elementary librarian and Teach For America alum Zoe Uran Williams (Greater New Orleans ’95) says. “The library is a vibrant place where kids are able to find books that reflect their interests and tastes. We want everyone to find a book they love every time they visit the library.”