Pop Links 4.17.14: School Dress Code for Parents; HS Students Combat Stereotypes; VP Joins Instagram; Grocery Shopping Apps

Pop Links 4.15.14: Career Resources for 2012 CMs; Red Moon; Stressed Teachers; Student-Teacher Danceoff

  • 2012 corps members, check out this new site to explore career resources and ways to continue your impact beyond the corps!
  • Americans burning the midnight oil to finish filing their taxes were treated to a special show from Mother Nature: 17 minutes of a red moon! If you missed it, don’t worry–you can catch the next one in six months.
  • Results from a new study show that teachers are feeling more stressed than ever, leading to higher levels of disengagement with their students.
  • A group of students taking an impromptu dance break in the middle of the school day were pleasantly surprised when one of their teachers joined the fun! Watch the teacher-student danceoff!
  • TFANet Resource: Combining Like Terms

Pop Links 4.10.14: Black American College Student Divide; Teenage Drinking and Music Link; History of English Language; Children’s Rooms Around the World

  • The story of the black teenager who gained admissions to all eight Ivies resurfaced the rift among America’s black college students—the self-labeled “just blacks” who can trace their lineage no further than the South vs. children of immigrants who proudly wave their parents’ flags.
  • You may have a hard time getting them to pay attention in your class, but teenagers are listening intently to and taking notes from the hottest songs on the radio. A new study found that teens who like popular songs with alcohol references are more likely to drink and binge drink.
  • Though English is not the most widely spoken language, it has unofficially become the universal language of the world. Teach your students the humble beginnings of this now dominant language.
  • At the end of the day, even the most energetic child has to lie down for rest. This series of intimate photographs shows 16 different children’s rooms across the world.
  • TFANet Resource: Cold War

Pop Links 4.8.14: Lunch Tweets to the FLOTUS; Problem-Solving Skills; Econ Class April Fools’ Prank; Money Behind March Madness

  • When the FLOTUS vowed to fight childhood obesity, she probably did not envision being engaged in this sort of war: students are taking to Twitter to let Mrs. Obama know their distaste for healthier school lunches.
  • American students are really good at problem-solving! While they lag behind students in a few OECD countries, our nation’s pupils showed promising results overall in this subject area.
  • Though multimillion-dollar corporations like Google vied for this recognition, the award for 2014 best April Fools’ prank goes to a group of economics students at a small college. Watch the brilliant prank that put them on top!
  • To most of America, March Madness is simply a time for fun games, but to colleges, advertisers and the NCAA, it is big business. This PBS special follows the money trail and questions whether the NCAA takes unfair advantage of its biggest labor force: the unpaid college athletes.
  • TFANet Resource: World War II

Pop Links 4.3.14: April 17th Clinton Foundation Event; Black Children’s Barriers; Student Accepted to Every Ivy League School; Blueprints of Famous Inventions

Pop Links 4.1.14: Grad Student Debt; CM Shares Stories; Smithsonian Triva Topics; Puppies Napping with Stuffed Animals

  • With recent grads struggling to find fulfilling employment in today’s economy, many turn to grad school to improve their job prospects and financial situations. Ironically, these students accrue more graduate student debt than their predecessors.
  • A CM poetically reflects on three poignant and thought-provoking experiences from this school year: the sudden disappearance of a student, an interaction with a student who cuts herself, and reading a fellow CM’s blog post about the death of a student.
  • Play fun trivia games with your students! The Smithsonian offers a diverse selection of trivia topics and questions that will both challenge and entertain.
  • Unlike some other animals, puppies maintain their cuteness even when getting their beauty rest. Check out these adorable pics of puppies napping with their favorite stuffed animals!
  • TFANet Resource: Theme

Pop Links 3.27.14: Most Segregated Schools; Women Discouraged by Grades; Free SAT Prep; March Madness in Class

Pop Links 3.25.14: Peace First Prize; Student Death; Overcoming Early Trauma; Dogs Being Tricked

  • Do you know someone age 8 to 22 who is demonstrating compassion, courage, and the power to create collaborative change in their school, neighborhood, or community? Nominate him or her for the Peace First Prize today! Deadline: March 31.
  • ‘Why would God do that to his parents?’” A CM helps her students grieve the sudden death of a fellow student, as she herself tries to understand why this loss keeps her up at night.
  • Kids born into unstable environments are getting a new lease on life. A promising new Head Start program implemented in Kansas and Missouri is helping students overcome trauma from their early years, which normally stunts social and academic growth.
  • A magician has managed to make dogs even cuter and more endearing than they are naturally. Watch various dogs’ reactions when their promised treat magically disappears.
  • TFANet Resource: Non-Fiction