Pop Links 7.31.14: Batkid Trailer; Teacher Drop-Out Crisis; Lawyers Without Law School; Upgraded Teacher Apps

  • Last spring, Batkid’s story captivated America as San Francisco transformed into Gotham for a young cancer patient’s Make-A-Wish gift. This trailer gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make Batkid’s wish become a reality.
  • Students are not the only ones affected by the nation’s high teacher-turnover rate–replacing teachers is also a very expensive process. NPR addresses the teacher drop-out crisis.
  • Though they were licensed attorneys, Abe Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson never went to law school, and today more wanna-be lawyers hope to follow in their footsteps. Read more about the non-traditional and less-expensive path to becoming a lawyer.
  • Some of the most popular teacher apps got some major makeovers this summer! Free Technology for Teachers recommends 10 upgraded apps that are worth checking out.
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Pop Links 7.29.14: Alum Stays in Classroom, Explains Why; Password-Managing Site; Learning to Read; Ebola Virus Explained

  • “What followed was the toughest year of my life.” An alum explains why he chose to stay in the classroom after his corps experience, despite the challenges he faced.
  • If this is not already the case, you will soon have countless usernames and passwords for school-related software systems to remember. Keep track of login information using Dashlane, a password manager site.
  • The point where students transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” may occur later than previously believed. Read more about the results of a new study that has implications for how we educate students.
  • A recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Western Africa has killed more than 600 people in a brief timespan. In one minute, the BBC explains the frightening virus.
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Pop Links 7.22.14: Girl Scout Barbie; Creative ESL Teacher; Southwest Airlines Soccer Balls; Free NatGeo Courses for Teachers

  • A new Girl Scout is stirring controversy even before her first pledge. The product of a partnership between Mattel and Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Barbie will soon debut to the chagrin of many protesters who complain that Barbie represents the antithesis of Girl Scouts.
  • An ESL teacher has gained Internet fame for his creative way of teaching the countless irregular English verbs.
  • Southwest Airlines is making recycling fun for Kenyan orphans! Find out why the airline is turning its leather seats into soccer balls.
  • This fall, National Geographic is offering free courses to help teachers teach students about one of the most critical compounds on Earth: water! Find out how you can join the online course.
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Pop Links 7.15.14: Educating Parents; Teenagers in The New York Times; Fun Presentations; World Cup Video Summary

  • The struggle to educate our nation’s children has naturally focused on young students. However, research suggests that for students to reach educational milestones, more time and money should be invested in educating parents.
  • Introduce your students to The New York Times’ immense wealth of knowledge through an avenue that may interest them: learning about teenagers! Each month, the Times‘ education-blog editors compile a list of all the stories written about teens in the previous month.
  • Give your students presentations they will remember! Learn how you can use prezi.com to create lively and dynamic presentations!
  • ESPN has captured the excitement and frustration that made for a fun four weeks of World Cup soccer in a four-minute video.
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Pop Links 7.10.14: Obesity vs. Smoking; Free Online Courses; Virtual Field Trips; Rwanda and Burundi Ed Charity Org

Pop Links 7.3.14: Teaching About the Supreme Court; Google’s Coding Initiative; Free Tech for Teachers; Pics of Children Playing

Pop Links 7.1.14: Race and Employment; ABCs of Life Speech; Soccer Player Hugs Young Fan; Hilarious Fan-Cam Child

  • The alarming results of a new study state that on average, black job-seekers need more levels of education than their white peers in order to compete for the same job.
  • Hampton University’s 2004 graduating class probably didn’t think they’d be receiving an alphabet lesson on graduation day! See the valedictorian’s two-minute explanation of the ABC’s of Life that has garnered national attention.
  • One of the more memorable moments of the 2014 World Cup took place off the field. An emotional hug between the star player of the losing Cameroonian team and a young Brazilian fan had many wondering who needed the hug more.
  • How hyped will you get for the USA-Belgium soccer game today? Probably not as hyped as this precious kid at a Marlins game when he realizes the fan cam is on him. #turntup #WC2014 #U-S-A #turndownforwhat
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Pop Links 6.24.14: Rich Parents’ Big Fear; College Dropout Factories; Justice Sotomayor on Affirmative Action; World Cup Choices

  • Taking the lead from billionaires like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, more wealthy parents are openly pledging to not leave their fortunes to their children. Find out what big fear motivates this decision.
  • A national education advocacy group is going after America’s college-dropout factories, calling for the government to cut federal funding to schools that do not meet minimum performance standards.
  • Before Justice Sotomayor took the bench, Supreme Court justices were rarely seen or heard from outside a legal context. Now, Justice Sotomayor can be found dropping wisdom everywhere! Last week, she sat down with ABC News to talk affirmative action.
  • Weeks into the World Cup and still not sure what team to root for? Check out this handy guide for finding the perfect team that suits your personality and interests.
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