Pop Links 10.30.14: Teachers Treated Like Pro-Athletes; Teacher Walks in Students’ Shoes; Kindergarten Film Stars; Make Infographics

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Pop Links 10.28.14:Segregation in NYC Schools; LGBT Students Situation Improving; Search Ed Content on Twitter

  • Reports indicate that New York is home to the most segregated education system in the nation. NYC schools are taking an intensive look in the metaphoric mirror to find out the extent of their segregation problem.
  • Students who identify as LGBTQ still face many obstacles in school. However, a new report shows that while the situation is bad, it is improving.
  • Hidden among endless selfies and hastivism that define Twitter is wealth of valuable information for teachers. Find out how to best search Twitter for educational content.
  • TFANet Resource: Writing
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Pop Links 10.21.14: Chances for Rich vs. Poor Students; Teachers Lives After School; 100 Year Old Teacher; Create Timelines

  • The Washington Post explains why the hardest working students from low income communities will mostly never be as successful as the most troubled rich children.
  • What do you do in the hours when you are not “Ms./Mr. [insert last name]”? NPR’s new Secret Lives of Teachers project highlights some of the interesting pastimes of some of the nation’s educators.
  • Age ain’t nothing but a number for one special New York math teacher! At 100 years old, the vibrant math teacher continues to train young elementary students at a New York City school!
  • Creating timelines can be a fun and creative way to help students better engage with class material. Have students use this site to create free stylish multimedia timelines that can feature content from sites such as YouTube and Twitter!
  • TFANet: Compare and Contrast
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Pop Links 10.14.14: Free Public Universities in Germany; 12 Years of No Child Left Behind; 15-Second Vocabulary Contest

  • Germany just removed one of the biggest barriers to students achieving higher education! As of last week, all of German public universities are officially free for German nationals and foreign students.
  • 2014 was supposed to be the year that the ambitious goal of 100% proficiency among American students was to be achieved, but the country is far from that goal. NPR explores  what happened to No Child Left Behind.
  • Give your students a chance express their creativity and expand their vocabulary! Enroll them in the New York Times’ 15-Second Vocabulary Contest. 
  • TFANet Resource: Inferences
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Pop Links 10.9.14: Community College In NYC; Bill Gates Plan For History; Teenage Brains & Education; Code Studio

  • Highlighting some of the challenges community college students face in urban environments which cause them to take an average of six years to earn a two year associates degree.
  • The College Board is not the only entity trying to shake up the subject of History in schools. The New York Times reports on Bill Gates’ plan to revolutionize history instruction after being inspired by a Ted Talk.
  • While a lot of resources are invested in understanding early childhood education, not enough attention has been paid to how we educate teenagers, says a Temple University researcher..
  • Code.org, the site with a mission to get more American students coding, has created a more student and teacher friendly site to make it easier for students to get involved in the movement. Among other things, Code Studio has a more fun interface and allows teachers to keep track of student progress.
  • TFANet Resource: Conflict

Pop Links 10.7.14: Finnish Education in the US; Nobel Prize Announcements; NYTimes Education Blog

  • While experts agree that racial and socioeconomic factors make it difficult to compare the education systems of the United States and Finland,  a Harvard professor says there are three key elements of Finland’s successful system that can and should be emulated here.
  • Starting yesterday and continuing through October 13th, the 2014 Nobel Prize winners will be announced. Check out the full schedule and watch videos of the announcements with your students!
  • Find neatly packaged current event stories to discuss with your students on the New York Times education blog, The Learning Network!
  • TFANet Resource: Bill of Rights

Pop Links 9.30.14: ATL Cheating Scandal Trial; Afro-American Girls’ School Troubles; Free Microsoft Office for Students


  • Yesterday began the trial for Atlanta school administrators accused of changing student answers on standardized tests. NPR analyzes how high stakes No Child Left Behind testing may have instigated administrators’ alleged deceitful behavior.
  • When Obama started his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative to help young men of color, many critics asked, “what about the girls?” A recently released report about the disproportionate struggles African American girls face in school seems to validate the criticism.
  • Your students (and soon, you) may qualify to receive Microsoft Office software for free! Find out more about the initiative and whether your students fit the criteria here.
  • TFANet Resource: Figurative Language
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Pop Links 9.25.14: Wendy Kopp Talks Criticisms of TFA; National Geographic Bee Competition; Motivational Speech by High School Athlete; Teacher Halloween Costumes

  • Teach For America founder Wendy Kopp responded to some of the most common criticisms of  Teach For America using data to explain why she believes that most of the criticism towards the organization is misplaced.
  • Nurture future global leaders in your classroom! Enter your students in the annual National Geographic Bee Competition, a contest open to students in fourth to eighth grade.
  • Moments after he helped his team rally from behind to clinch a big win, a high school student put his other talents on display in a video that is making rounds on the internet. See why many are saying the student athlete would shine as a motivational speaker.
  • Everyone’s favorite holiday is around the corner! How will you dress to impress your students? BuzzFeed has ideas for fun Halloween teacher costumes!
  • TFANet Resource: Poetry
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