Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers


Happy Friday, teachers! We surprised ourselves even with the breadth and depth of this week’s discounts we rounded up especially for you. From a one-day discount on Amazon Prime (yassss, free shipping and Transparent!), to a shopping pass for non-members at Sam’s Club, we have you covered.

As mentioned (breathlessly) above, Amazon Prime is slashing its annual fee for one day only on January 24. Get to it, people.

Macy’s has two nice little sales happening: 15% off handbags with code BAGIT, and an extra 25% off menswear.

Rice cookers can save your busy school week from fast food nation. Walmart is giving up a 20-cup rice cooker for just $22.

Speaking of small appliances that make your life easier, Best Buy slashed its regular-priced, small kitchen appliances by a respectable 20%. Use coupon code SMALLKITCHEN20; plus, you’ll get free shipping on orders of $35 and up.

You can never have too many pretty pens and paper clips, which is why we turn to Poppin, especially when they shower us with free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

Okay, we’ll admit it: this one got us. We clicked, we cheered, we purchased (no shame). Baggu, purveyor of hip handbags is offering 40% off leather bags and cotton backpacks with code SPRING40.

Ever find yourself doing a quick Office Depot run after work? Yeah, us too. Here’s a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $30 (valid through Jan. 30) for those late-night runs for paper and supplies.

A delicious green smoothie is just $2 (crazy cheap!) at Jamba Juice through Jan. 27 with this coupon.

Brighten up those long winter nights with a buy-two-get-a third-free candle from Yankee Candle.

Last but not least, not a member of Sam’s Club but dream of stocking up on party-sized lasagnas and mini quiche? You are in luck, my friends. Here is an invitation for non-members to shop at Sam’s for the day—but hurry, it expires on Jan. 31.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers

sweater purple bag

Happy Friday, teachers! TeacherPop has pulled together some epic, and we mean EPIC, sales for this #FrugalFriday. So, cuddle up with your laptop, and enjoy these deep discounts on goods and services you’re sure to love.

Let’s start by feeding our brains, shall we? First up, publisher McGraw-Hill has launched its Big Book Sale! Get 40% off science, computing, and business books.

We all love a good craft store, especially when you receive 15% off your entire purchase. Jo-Ann is making it happen with code TOTAL019, in-store and online, through Monday.

Is your car missing a bumper? We sincerely hope not, but just in case, here’s a coupon from AutoZone for $10 off any purchase of $50 or more.

Stock up on smell-goods at Bath and Body Works with 20% off sitewide (use code: BBWGIFT20) and up to 75% sale items.

Two of our favorite home stores are having great sales this weekend. Williams-Sonoma is offering 20% off with code PRIVATESALE, and Pier 1 is bringing the savings to your tables with 10% off when you sign up for the store’s newsletter.

Teacher favorite J. Crew is offering up to 50% off some final sale items with code SHOPNOW. Ann Taylor LOFT is also keeping some cash in your pocket with up to 60% off sale items.

Not to be outdone, C.Wonder has launched its major, semi-annual Big Sale, offering 75% off your entire purchase.

Finally, you’ve made it to the Finish Line’s end-of-season sale, where you can stock up on exercise gear for 50% off to keep yourself healthy and happy all year long.

Have a great holiday weekend!

New Year’s Resolutions: Ignore Goals, Embrace Systems?

reading book

It’s that time of the year—the time when we reflect upon things we would like to improve in our lives and set goals for doing so. Unfortunately, as many of us can relate to, New Year’s resolutions are often abandoned after several weeks (the average resolution is kept for eight days).

For this week’s post, I want to share an article with you in which the writer offers a very different perspective on goal setting. While his arguments may seem counterintuitive at first, I think he makes a strong case for a method that can help us be our best selves. He cites entrepreneur James Clear, who urges everyone to distinguish between goals and systems (or the actions you take).

Clear writes:

If you completely ignored your goals and focused only on your systems, would you still get results?…Goals can provide direction and even push you forward in the short term, but eventually a well-designed system will always win.

Read the rest of Clear’s thoughts as well as three reasons why you should focus your energy on systems instead of goals at Inc.com.

How to Eat Like a Champ


This article is not about diets.  If you want to learn how to lose weight or maximize your protein intake, Google it. However, this article aims to give some critical solutions to a tragic reality: busy teachers don’t eat right. To wit, here is an account of my typical morning as a first-year teacher:

6:30 a.m. 

I can’t hit the snooze button anymore. I must get up and get dressed for school so I can be the first to the copier to make my prints for the day.

 7:00 a.m. 

First one at school! Congrats. I forgot to grab breakfast. I guess I’ll take a look in my “reward drawer” and see what type of chocolate I have before I start teaching first period.

9:00 a.m.


10:00 a.m.

Extra hungry.

11:30 a.m.

While walking my class down to lunch, my nose tells me that lunch is broccoli and jambalaya. The kids don’t eat their broccoli. I bet I can get a fork-full from one of their plates! I also owe myself a cookie from my “drawer” since my checks for understanding have been on point. Yum!

In other words, my eating habits were horrible. I skipped meals. I ate fast food regularly. And, as described above, my “reward drawer” was more of a panacea for hunger pains than a special treasure box for my students. Due to my poor nutrition, I had a serious case of malaise. I was tired, craved unhealthy foods, and consistently in a bad mood.

During my second year of teaching, I made a commitment to eat in a way that would provide nourishment and energy. I knew that my eating not only influenced my wellbeing, but also affected my ability to lead a classroom. With this in mind, here are four of the changes I made during my second year that helped me to develop a well-rounded, revitalizing diet.

  • Eat Real Food

“Food products” are commodities that are engineered to appeal to you—but they are not easy on your stomach. They often contain high levels of fats, sugars, and chemicals that are disastrous to your heath and energy. Use Michael Pollan’s “7 Rules for Eating” to discern between real food and food products.

  • Be Prepared

Don’t start the day without having at least two meals already prepared. Teachers have too much to do each day to worry about feeding ourselves three different times! Try meal prepping once or twice per week.

  • Cheat

Whenever you try too hard to avoid something, thoughts of that forbidden behavior will consume you. Yes, I am talking about cupcakes. Live a little! If you’ve earned a snack, have at it. Having a special treat or reward after a week of successful meal prep will help you to stay motivated and positive.

  • Drink Mostly Water

Beverage products are one of the easiest and most identifiable food products to eliminate when on a quest for a more balanced and energizing diet. Juices and sodas rack up unnecessary calories and sugar intake, and spawn cravings for unhealthy foods. Drinking water helps keep your system clear and hydrated, which helps you focus.

What are your nutrition tips for maintaining your energy throughout the day?


Weekend Sales: 7 Hot Deals for Teachers

sketch pad weekend

Happy weekend, teachers! If you’re anything like us, you’re looking for sweet relief from this week’s frigid temperatures. Not to worry: This #FrugalFriday, TeacherPop has you covered with all the creature comforts your warm heart desires.

With the chilly weather, we’re all spending more time indoors. Make your home extra cozy with West Elm, which offers 15% off all the time for teachers.

Give your apartment’s blank walls some color with Aaron Brothers Art and Framing. Check out their coupon for 50% off one item.

Work appropriate wear abounds at the Coach Outlet, offering 50% off + extra 30% off clearance.

Kick back over the weekend with a pair of perfectly broken-in Levis. You’re looking at 15% off with a student ID and 25% off sale items.

On January 26, Chipotle, purveyor of deliciousness, is offering a coupon for a free burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos, when you order sofritas. (We repeat: FREE BURRITO.)

Sometimes pizza is the only answer. Papa John’s is offering one large topping with promo code P1BOGO

Already planning Spring Break? We get it. Find the best airline travel discounts at Flight Deal.

Have a great weekend!

Science Says Your Classroom Needs More Dance Parties

dance party classroom

Perhaps it’s the Ron Clark in me that loved a good classroom dance party during my time as a teacher and TFA corps member. On a bad day, happy day, or any day really, there was something therapeutic (for my students and for me!) about blasting the Kidz Bop version of some popular rap song and busting a move. Some of my happiest memories with my students are the moments we spent dancing…on our chairs, around the cafeteria, and occasionally, past the principal’s office.

Dance parties were a big part of my classroom for a laundry list of reasons. They served as a powerful incentive for my students—and a free one, at that! They breathed life into my ELA block on rainy days. They improved my classroom culture. I could go on and on, but it wasn’t until after my time in the classroom that I discovered the science behind why my students seemed so much more engaged after we got our hearts pumping.

Dr. Laura Chaddock-Heyman, research scientist at the University of Illinois-Champaign, specializes in how exercise and fitness relate to the developing brains of children. Her research is ground-breaking because in addition to looking at the academic performance and cognitive ability of children, she has used functional MRI (fMRI) to look at how physical activity changes the structure, communication, and neural functions of kids’ brains.

According to Chaddock-Heyman’s research, physical activity actually causes the brain to light up differently when looking at fit vs. unfit kids. As a once-educator, I find her research astounding. Little did I know that all of those Kidz Bop dance parties were actually causing my students’ brains to function more efficiently, leading to improvements in focus, cognitive control, and performance.

Laura’s research is extensive, but here are three highlights from her studies that prove your classroom needs more dance parties:

  1. Brain structure. Higher fit children have larger brain volumes in the hippocampus and basal ganglia, which relate to superior performance on tasks of memory and cognitive control, compared to their lower fit peers.
  2. Structural integrity. Higher fit children show greater white matter structural integrity, which is associated with faster and more efficient communication of signals throughout the brain.
  3. Brain function. The brain scans of fit vs. unfit kids show differences in brain activation during activities requiring concentration. The scans showed how the brain “lights up” differently while more active children performed the same activities as less active children.

So why not increase physical activity inside of our schools, inside of our classrooms? This research makes the case to fight for recess, P.E., and in-classroom physical activity breaks (AKA brain breaks).

To learn more about Dr. Chaddock-Heyman’s research, check out the Neuroscience for Teachers series on the GoNoodle blog. And whether you’re the dance party type or not, check out GoNoodle for a wide variety of brain breaks that make it simple for elementary teachers to bring more movement (and more brain power) to the classroom in five minutes or less. Sign up for free at GoNoodle.com.

Happy Holidays from TeacherPop

School’s out!! Teachers, you have EARNED this one. TeacherPop loves its readers so much, and we want to give a major shout-out and a million high fives to each and every one of you for an excellent semester.

THANK YOU! You are an amazing, inspiring lot. Happy holidays and see you in 2015!

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