Weekend Sales: Top 10 Deals for Teachers

20150206-DSC_2834How much are you enjoying Daylight Savings, teachers? Yes, the mornings are a drag, but holy daylight, glorious daylight, until 7:00 p.m.! It’s only getting better, my friends. One week until the first day of spring, and then we’re home free to sum-sum-summertime. High five—and now let’s check out some of this week’s happening deals, shall we?

Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers

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Real talk, TeacherPoppers: we are done with winter. We really, really mean it. It’s time for old man winter to pack his bags, move down south, and stop calling us until November (earliest). There’s only so much winter retail therapy TeacherPop can do, but we refuse to let you down, our loyal, deal-loving readers. So, this week’s discounts are dedicated to all those who are fighting the good fight against winter’s terrible reign.

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Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers

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Big weekend, teachers! Tomorrow is Valentine’s, of course, and Monday is Presidents’ Day. Traditionally, we’d use this time to brush up on our knowledge of presidential trivia (who had the shortest presidency? Harrison; who had a pet pig named Maude? Roosevelt!), but this year, we may take some time out to do a little shopping—all in the name of great bargains and freedom, of course.

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Valentine’s Day Emojigrams for Teachers

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Looking for the perfect Valentine for your best teacher-buddy? Enter the Valentine’s Day emojigram! Today we’re publishing a new emojigram—with subject-specific themes like social studies and art—every two hours on Instagram.

Valentine's Day emojigram

Our Valentines are super easy to share! Follow Teach For America on Instagram, tag your best buddy, and share your favorite emojigram on Facebook or Twitter. Have a happy Valentine’s Day, teachers!

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Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers


Happy, happy Friday! Was this a long week or what? Here at TeacherPop, we’re attributing the slow days to February. I mean, what’s up with that guy? Let’s get through this long slide to spring together, teachers, by turning our attention to the many bargains waiting for us IRL and in cyberspace.

Blankets, blankets, and more blankets! Get a 20% off coupon for one item (including blankets) at Bed, Bath & Beyond when you text OFFER1 to 239663.

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Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers


Happy Friday, teachers! January is almost over, and we’re putting all our money on that groundhog kid next week to give us a sign that spring is right around the corner. Not to worry, we have a little bit of change left, so we’ve rounded up our top 10 discounts—and we’re sharing the love with you.

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Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers


Happy Friday, teachers! We surprised ourselves even with the breadth and depth of this week’s discounts we rounded up especially for you. From a one-day discount on Amazon Prime (yassss, free shipping and Transparent!), to a shopping pass for non-members at Sam’s Club, we have you covered.

As mentioned (breathlessly) above, Amazon Prime is slashing its annual fee for one day only on January 24. Get to it, people.

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Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers

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Happy Friday, teachers! TeacherPop has pulled together some epic, and we mean EPIC, sales for this #FrugalFriday. So, cuddle up with your laptop, and enjoy these deep discounts on goods and services you’re sure to love.

Let’s start by feeding our brains, shall we? First up, publisher McGraw-Hill has launched its Big Book Sale! Get 40% off science, computing, and business books.

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