Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special

weekend sales

This weekend might be all about football (and Teach For America’s 25th anniversary, y’all)—but next weekend, love is in the air! Whether you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day cuddling on the couch watching movies, or heading out for a night on the town with a special someone, TeacherPop has found some amazing deals to celebrate all the romance that may be in store.

Pro Flowers: Save 20% off orders over $39 with coupon code PSB2039.

Petco: Save up to 40% Leaps & Bounds dog and cat toys for a limited time.

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Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Revamp Your Home and Wardrobe

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Revamp Your Home and Wardrobe

When it’s warm and sunny you don’t want to be stuck inside—you want to be outside!—so there’s no better time than now to start revamping your home and wardrobe in time for spring and summer. Luckily, TeacherPop has found some awesome deals to help you knock out any home and style updates before those first spring blooms tempt you.

Best Buy: Save 25% on select appliances for a limited time.

Barnes & Noble: Good Housekeeping 400 Heart Healthy Recipes & Tips cookbook only $9.99 with purchase of any item until March 1.

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7 Affordable Items to Sport on Super Bowl Sunday

7 Affordable Items for Super Bowl Sunday

Is this year’s Super Bowl lineup leaving you cold? Even if your favorite team didn’t make the cut (or you couldn’t care less about football), Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to get together with friends, enjoy some greasy finger foods, and yell at the TV when things get heavy.

As it so happens, this year’s Super Bowl falls on the last day (Feb. 7) of Teach For America’s 25th anniversary. Meaning? The party never ends, my friends. You can go straight from TFA’s big bash in Washington, DC (or from tuning in via livestream, hint hint) to your Super Bowl party, and no one will mind you’re so full of Team TFA spirit since errbody will be rooting maniacally for somebody.

Weekend Sales: 10 Warm and Cozy Deals for Winter

Weekend Sales: 10 Warm and Cozy Deals for Winter

Winter’s here and that means one thing—it’s cold! Whether you decide to wait out these biting winter temps and short days hibernating indoors, or plan to face the snow and brisk winds head on, TeacherPop has found some awesome deals to keep you warm and cozy during the chilliest time of year.

Kohl’s: Save 55% on select styles of heated bedding for a limited time.

L.L. Bean: Save 10% off entire order with coupon code SNOW10 through Wednesday.

Target: Save 20% of men’s snow pants with coupon code SNOWMANPANTS through January 24.

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5 Tips for Adopting Healthy Eating Habits in the New Year

5 Tips for Adopting Healthy Eating Habits in the New Year

As of this writing, I have joyfully given and gratefully received, slept more than my fair share, and eaten home-cooked food in quantities I’d rather not disclose. While it’s been days since we rang in 2016, I have continued to eat in a way I aim to reserve only for actual holidays. For example, it’s only noon, and I have already eaten 1-2 pounds of leftover mashed potatoes, 6-7 gummy frogs, 1 plate of fish and chips, and approximately ¼ cup of grape Nerds.

Teach. Eat. Repeat. Recipe: Eggie Muffins

Recipe: Egg Muffins

Here’s one of our favorite weekday breakfast recipes: eggie muffins! They’re delicious fresh or warmed up in your school’s microwave. They’re also easy to eat when you’re on the go. Make a double batch of these babies because they freeze really well, a delicious, defrostable breakfast when you’re short on time!

What You’ll Need

  • 12 Eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 cups  chopped veggies. We suggest onions, bell peppers, zucchini, roasted red peppers, spinach, garlic, or my mama’s favorite: mushrooms (JK, she hates them but is really trying).

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Prepare for the New Year

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Prepare for the New Year

So what if this weekend may be your last chance to take advantage of holiday deals? It’s your first chance to get everything you need to start off the new year in style! From popcorn makers to discounts on cozy winter sweaters, TeacherPop has found the best deals to properly ring in 2016.

Crate and Barrel: 25% off electric popcorn makers with coupon code POPCORN for a limited time.

Anthropologie: 40% off all sweaters with coupon code GETCOZY for a limited time.

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16 Books for Teachers to Read During the Holidays

16 books to read during winter break

The holiday season is an opportune time to spend relaxing hours with friends and family, reconnecting with loved ones—and cracking open a great book. Whether you’re looking for an adventure through fiction or personal growth through professional development, we’ve put together a winter reading list that has something for everyone.

Devote your hard-earned “me time” to our picks below for the top 16 books for teachers to read during the holidays.

On Education

These four books are perfect for those teachers who don’t want to totally disconnect from the classroom during break.

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