17 Essential Supplies for New Teachers

When you’re a new teacher, your classroom is a blank slate. You’re probably daydreaming right now about all the wonderful things you’ll do to create a comfortable and inviting environment for your students.

You’ll want to start with the essentials—those items every classroom needs to make it safe, clean, and student-friendly. Check out these 17 classroom must-haves, and before you know it, your classroom will be ready to welcome your students!

  1. Antibacterial wipes

Top 7 Tools to Keep Your Secondary Social Studies Classroom Organized

When I first started teaching, organization was the LAST thing on my mind! Classroom management, being punctual for common planning time, posting my lesson plans for the week, and managing student government all took a higher priority. When my principal tactfully told me, five months into the school year, that my desk and cart were “overly sloppy,” I was surprised. I got through college and my educational coursework without being a neat-freak! I thought. What’s wrong with being the teacher who thrives on organized chaos?

6 Surefire Ways to Remember Students’ Names

Teachers, you probably can’t wait for that first day of school, when you get to meet all your students! You’ll get to hear about their summer; share what you did for fun during the break; and start creating a bond with them to build on during the school year.

But with all the new faces about to grace your classroom on that first day come new names to remember. Don’t be nervous—learning your students’ names can be fun!

How Video-Chats Can Boost Your Students’ Learning and Engagement

In the past decade, video chat has revolutionized the way we communicate.

At work and at home, video calls allow us to enjoy a more intimate, personable conversation than audio calls have ever been able to provide. And they’re becoming more commonplace: 59 percent of all teens questioned in a recent survey said they connect  with friends using video chat, with 7 percent saying they do this on a daily basis.

Meditation and Mindfulness 101 for Teachers

As a teacher, you’re always on the lookout for effective ways to engage your students, promote learning, and transform the lives of those you teach. But are you aware of the positive impact meditation and mindfulness can have for both you and your students?

By incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your classroom, the potential to improve the emotional well-being of students increases, as does empathy and focus—all important characteristics of a balanced learning environment.

3 Ways to Integrate Games Into Your Classroom

Most teachers love playing games just as much as their students. The competition, team-building, and fun that playing a game elicits can complement planned lessons and create a classroom culture that fosters creativity in learning.

Incorporating games or gaming elements in your lesson plans—think point scoring and role playing—or tailoring popular, established games to your curriculum, is also a great way to engage your students and capture their attention. Check out these ways to integrate games into your classroom while maximizing the benefits of the games you choose to play!

How to Accept an Apology From a Student

As a teacher, accepting an apology from a student isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Some apologies may be totally unwarranted and even take you by surprise, while others you await patiently, hoping your students exhibit a keen awareness to seek forgiveness unprompted.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, the acceptance of an apology can be as simple as a quick, genuine acknowledgement or more complex if the circumstances warrant. But no matter the context, TeacherPop recommends keeping these three tips in mind when you find yourself on the receiving end of an apology from a student.

How to Graciously Accept Compliments From Your Students

A compliment often comes as a surprise, especially when you’re a teacher and it’s a student expressing admiration. These kinds of compliments are extra-special—they have the power to transform your day and reaffirm your purpose as an educator—but accepting them graciously can sometimes prove difficult.

It’s a big deal when students pay their teacher a compliment, and the way you respond is just as important. TeacherPop has a few handy tips for those occasions when your students point out just how awesome a teacher you are!