Two Reasons to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Teaching

Though social media is relatively new in the world of technology, it has the potential to be a powerful tool in the classroom. And as with any educational tool—that wasn’t necessarily developed with the classroom in mind—the intentions behind its use are key when it comes to it having a positive impact on your students.

While social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram are a popular means for your students to connect with one another, they won’t replace the face-to-face communication your classroom elicits. But social media is much more than a way to communicate—it’s a valuable tool that can be used to give your curriculum and lessons greater depth and expand the minds of your students.

How to Balance Technology in the Classroom

Knowing when, and how, to incorporate technology into your teaching is important when leading a classroom—an appropriate balance can make your teaching more effective and improve outcomes for your students. But how can teachers find and achieve that balance? TeacherPop has a few strategies for you to consider when integrating technology into the classroom experience.

Set clear rules and guidelines for technology use.

Students are surrounded by technology—at home, at school, in their pockets, and around every corner. But what’s acceptable at home may not be appropriate in the classroom, so it’s key to set clear rules regarding technology use at the outset.

Top 11 Pinterest Picks to Help Break the Ice on the First Day of School

For new teachers, getting to know your students—and giving them the opportunity to get to know you—is incredibly important. The first day of school can be a whirlwind of excitement and nervous apprehension for both teacher and student.

So, after a fun and eventful summer, it’s a good idea to have a few ice-breakers up your sleeve to help ease your students back into the swing of things. Check out these five activities to help everyone get to know each other on the first day of school!

How to Keep Students On-Task While Using Workstations

Workstations or centers—however you refer to them, they can provide students with an engaging way to learn independently. However, when we release some students to stations and begin to pull other students to work with us in small groups, we sometimes find that our students at stations lose focus. At some point, every child needs a reminder to remain on-task, and you can address this with behavior narration and by designating a station manager from among your students.

5 Teaching Tips to Make Your Students Better Writers

Writing can be difficult, even for those who do it regularly, whether it’s for a living or for personal fulfillment. Coming up with a thought-provoking and original piece requires time, patience, and practice to hone the right skills.

Teaching writing to others can be just as much of a challenge. This is especially true when we’re passing these skills on to young learners who are still finding their way. However, this is also the perfect opportunity to instill in students a genuine love for writing that can last for the rest of their lives.

12 Essential Apps for Classroom Organization

Are you having a hard time managing your classroom or tech-savvy students? Make your work easier with the following 12 apps for classroom organization.


1. Evernote is an Android or iOS application that enables you to share the notes stored on your notebook with your class. Students will have an easier task of accessing the files whenever they need to, while you’ll be able to reach out to students when you feel the need to. Free download from GooglePlay, iTunes

4 Time-Management Tips for New Teachers

For new teachers, time is a precious resource. While there’s no way to create more hours in the day, there are ways that you, as a new teacher, can get the most out of the time you have.

Being able to manage time effectively will not only make you a better teacher, it will enhance your quality of life outside the classroom, too. So it’s important to have a few tools at your disposal in order to make the most of your time. Check out these time-management tips for new teachers, and before you know it, time will be back on your side!

4 Easy Ways to Class Up Your Classroom Before the Start of School

It’s August, and you’re probably itching to get back to your classroom to doll it up before school starts. And if you’re a new teacher, seeing your classroom for the first time will be extra special!

With only a few weeks until the start of school, you may be planning ways to take your classroom to the next level, making it a more comfortable environment that fosters learning and growth. You may even be a bit overwhelmed by all the crafty ideas you’re finding on Pinterest.