Top 10 Pinterest Picks for Black History Month

Top 10 pinterest picks for black history month

Looking for ways to incorporate black history into your curriculum in February and beyond? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite resources from Pinterest to get you started. Check out our top 10 Pinterest picks for Black History Month.

1. 26 Children’s Books

26 Children's Books that Celebrate Black Heroes

2. Bulletin Board

black history month/valentine's day bulletin board

3. Black History Month Books, Movies, and More

black history month resources

4. Scholastic’s Favorites for Black History Month

black history month resources

5. 6 African-American Inventors

African-American inventors

6. Picture Books for Black History Month

picture books for black history month

7. Mosaic Portraits

Black History Month Mosaic Portraits

8. Art Projects and Other Freebies

Black History Month art projects

9. Thurgood Marshall Foldable

Thurgood Marshall foldable

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4 Resources for Teaching “Special Areas”

4 Resources for Teaching Special Areas

Teacher is a job title that just skims the surface when it comes to a day in the life of an educator. One minute you deliver a lesson, the next you transform into a comedian, cracking a joke to engage students with your lesson plan and content. As the day goes on, you assume the roles of cheerleader, nurse, editor, scientist, poet, and reporter, among others.

The Pros and Cons of 3 Common Classroom Seating Arrangements

Pros and Cons of Classroom Seating Arrangements

Whether your students are organized in rows, clusters, pods, pairs or in a semi-circle, the seating arrangement you choose for your classroom will have a considerable effect on the classroom dynamic.

With the start of the new term, some teachers might decide to forego traditional rows and try something innovative to engage their class when it comes to seating. The new arrangement may provide opportunities for better classroom management, but not without some obstacles.

Check out these three common classroom seating arrangements and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Fund Your Students’ Projects with Think It Up and DonorsChoose.Org

Fund Your Students’ Projects with Think It Up and DonorsChoose.Org

Mrs. Kennedy’s students at West Leadership Academy in Denver, CO are on a mission to conserve water. Their plan is to educate parents and community members about water and help families take steps to conserve it by installing new water-efficient shower heads in homes throughout their community.

“My students Jayline, Ely, Axel, and Keabeth are passionate about making a change in their community and school,” Mrs. Kennedy says. “They are all involved in clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities outside of school and are determined to be leaders, and agents of change.”

Enter Your School in PledgeCents’ Pledge2Win Contest

Enter PledgeCents' Pledge2Win Contest

We are really sorry you didn’t win the Power Ball.

At this time last year, I didn’t have a winning lottery ticket either, but I was determined to create a unique rewards called the “School Store,” which allowed my students to purchase fun and useful school supplies, while honing their math and budgeting skills. PledgeCents helped me open the School Store, and they can help you fund projects for your classroom too with their new contest Pledge2Win.

17 Activities for the 100th Day of School

17 Activities for the 100th Day of School

Depending on your school’s academic calendar, you’re likely gearing up to celebrate the 100th day of school any time between now and the end of February. TeacherPop is getting in on the action, too! We’ve collected some of our favorite 100th day activities, from crafts to lesson plans, straight outta your favorite online mood board…yep, you guessed it: Pinterest.

Check out our 17 favorite activities for the 100th day of school.

1. Student Self-Portraits (at 100 Years Old)

100th Day of School Student Portrait

2. 100th Day of School Crown

100th day of school crown

3. 100 Chart Puzzles

100th day of school puzzles

Hack the Classroom: Free Microsoft Event on Jan. 30

Illustration of computer in the classroom

On Saturday, January 30, Microsoft will be hosting “Hack the Classroom”, a free digital event designed for educators and school leaders interested in staying up-to-date on the latest trends in education.

Education thought leaders, innovative classroom educators, and students will share their stories and experiences transforming their classrooms and disrupting the education space to improve student outcomes.

See how one teacher uses Minecraft to empower her students and learn how you can hack your own classrooms to gain more instructional time with your students and promote student-centered learning environments.

The Force Awakens: Create Your Own Galaxy with Code

The Force Awakens: Create Your Own Galaxy with Code

What student wouldn’t want to learn how to program a droid or create a far-off galaxy with code? With the help of and the site’s new Star Wars-themed computer tutorial, your students can join forces with Princess Leia, as well as Rey from the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to create their very own game to play and share with friends and family.

First, students will team up with Rey and BB-8 to navigate a space mission. Next, coders will join forces with Princess Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO to build their own game. Watch the tutorial video below for the inside scoop.