8 Ways to Support Muslim Students and Push Back Against Islamophobia

8 Ways to Support Muslim Students

Anti-Muslim sentiment and hate crimes have reached an all-time high. The recent executive order banning nationals from seven Muslim-majority nations bears a frightening parallel to the Chinese Exclusion Act and calls us to never forget the glaring injustice of Japanese American internment during WWII. This Islamophobia is not new, though how brazen people feel in explicitly embracing Islamophobic attitudes and policies does feel different. Muslims across racial lines are sharing their stories, speaking to how they are experiencing this current moment at the intersections of their identities, and calling us all to take action.

45 Books to Honor Black History Month in the Classroom

Wondering which books to introduce to your class to help your students learn more about the contributions and achievements of black Americans this Black History Month? Well, Teach For America alum Kelsey Uribe (Twin Cities ‘12) is here to help with an extensive list of books tailored for this special time of year!

Her list of titles below—featuring both word count and Lexile level—range from narrative free verse poetry to graphic novels so it’s easy for teachers to choose just the right books. Check out Kelsey’s list of 45 books to honor Black History Month in the classroom!

Top 17 Pinterest Picks for Active Indoor Learning

Looking for some fun indoor activities to engage your students when the weather’s not cooperating? From classroom classics like Four Corners and Charades to Laundry Basket Skee-Ball, TeacherPop took to Pinterest to find some of the top indoor activities for the classroom. Check out these 17 Pinterest Picks to bring recess indoors this winter season.

  1. Target Golf

  1. Pass the Clap

  1. Make Your Own Play Snow

  1. Number Puzzles

  1. Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Laundry Basket Skee-Ball

Top World History Resources for the Classroom

 Whether you’re looking to kick your lesson planning into high gear or just need a few extra fun factoids and anecdotes to cap off your world history curriculum this school year, TeacherPop has a few suggestions to make the history of the world even more interesting for your students. Check out these top world history resources to keep your students at the edge of their seats!

SHEG’s World History Lessons

7 Alternatives to a Classroom Website

If you’ve created a website for your classroom, you know how helpful it is to have all your content organized in one convenient and accessible space. You probably also enjoy how easy it is to keep your students informed and engage parents with just a few clicks of a mouse.

But with a website comes maintenance and worry that students and parents aren’t utilizing it to its full potential. If your digital classroom is due for a much-needed overhaul, TeacherPop has come up with a few platforms and services to consider. Check out these seven alternatives to a classroom website, all of which will help you connect with your students on a deeper level.

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3 Ways to Be Firm When You’re an Easygoing Teacher

If you consider yourself an easygoing teacher, you may be wondering how you can be both “easygoing” and “firm” at the same time. First, it’s important to remember that being firm isn’t a personality trait, but a skill employed to effectively manage a classroom. Being firm when the time calls for it will you allow you to create an environment where your easygoing nature fully supports your students.

For teachers looking to cultivate a firm approach to classroom management while staying true to their laid-back nature, TeacherPop recommends these three tips for learning and student success.

4 Ways to Support Students After the Election

As we all grapple with the conclusion of Election 2016, your students may be feeling scared, sad, confused, or just plain uncertain about what the future may hold. This election season was divisive and difficult, and the stress of its tumultuous end can have a tremendous effect on your students’ health and well-being. So, how can teachers support all their students, and maintain a healthy environment in the classroom during this uncertain time?

Here are a few tips teachers should consider to support students following this most recent election cycle:

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Resources for Teaching Thanksgiving with Indigenous Perspectives

In the spirit of equity, I wanted to share a few resources to help teach Thanksgiving in the classroom. These resources will help you incorporate a wider perspective of the holiday by including ideas and celebrations from Native American cultures. This year, look beyond the feather headdresses and native symbols of indigenous cultures. By studying the traditions that laid the foundation for Thanksgiving, you can help your students gain a deeper understanding of this holiday of gratitude.