4 Ways to Support Students After the Election

As we all grapple with the conclusion of Election 2016, your students may be feeling scared, sad, confused, or just plain uncertain about what the future may hold. This election season was divisive and difficult, and the stress of its tumultuous end can have a tremendous effect on your students’ health and well-being. So, how can teachers support all their students, and maintain a healthy environment in the classroom during this uncertain time?

Here are a few tips teachers should consider to support students following this most recent election cycle:

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Resources for Teaching Thanksgiving with Indigenous Perspectives

In the spirit of equity, I wanted to share a few resources to help teach Thanksgiving in the classroom. These resources will help you incorporate a wider perspective of the holiday by including ideas and celebrations from Native American cultures. This year, look beyond the feather headdresses and native symbols of indigenous cultures. By studying the traditions that laid the foundation for Thanksgiving, you can help your students gain a deeper understanding of this holiday of gratitude.

How to Create Cohesion Between Lesson Plans

Whether you’re teaching a group of students once a week or every day, cohesion between lessons is critical. The start of each lesson isn’t a time to reset, but an opportunity to build upon what was learned the previous class period.

When working to create cohesion between lesson plans, try thinking of your lessons as legs of a journey. You have your point of origin and you know your destination—it’s up to you to determine your route on this academic road trip.

Create a roadmap.

8 Teacher Podcasts for Professional Development and Motivation

Looking to catch up on the latest news and ideas on the education front? Or just need a little boost of encouragement? Well, look no further than this lineup of podcasts, perfect for teachers looking to expand their skills and help students find success on their educational journey.

  1. The Cult of Pedagogy

This podcast from Jennifer Gonzalez is an awesome resource for teachers. From teaching strategies to classroom management, Jennifer covers it all.

  1. Truth for Teachers

How to Teach the Election in Your Classroom

Even though they’re too young to cast a ballot this election cycle, many students already have their minds made up about this election. Ads for candidates are showing up online and on television; yard signs and billboards in support of candidates and ballot measures line roadways on your students’ drives to school; and presidential debates and stories on the candidates are the focus of much of the media’s news coverage. With just a few weeks left until Election Day, and early voting ramping up across the country, students are set to be inundated with campaign coverage, and as their teacher, you’ll have to help them process all this information.

10 Ways to Secure Your Students’ Attention

You probably already have a few tricks up your sleeve to retain and regain your students’ attention. But TeacherPop lives to add new tips and tools to your teacher tool belt, especially when it comes to wrangling focus back to the lesson or task at hand. Check out these 10 ways to secure your students’ attention, and before you know it, you’ll have all eyes and ears on you!

  1.  Be clear.

16 Dos and Don’ts of Teaching Common Core Math in Elementary School

Wondering how to connect and engage your elementary math students while adhering to Common Core standards? Whether it’s your first year teaching Common Core math in an elementary setting, or you’re a seasoned educator helping kids achieve academic success in math, these tips and strategies from Elementary Math Consultant Jeannie Curtis will definitely come in handy!


Plan Activities Based on the 8 Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs).

When planning lessons, think of the SMPs as the “how” and the content standards as the “what.”

6 Ways New Teachers Can Take Back Sunday

Sundays get a bad rap, not just in teaching circles, but pretty much any profession. For many new teachers, Sunday is merely the day before Monday and the beginning of a new work week. But Sundays have the potential to be so much more!

TeacherPop is confident that with just a little effort, we can help Sunday avail itself of its reputation so teachers can fully embrace it for all its awesomeness. What day of the week is both a day off and a day that precedes your return to the rewarding role of teaching? Exactly! So if that day of the week is leaving you feeling a little blue, check out these strategies for new teachers to take back Sunday.

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