DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Minnesota See Themselves as Vibrant Citizens

Teach For America alum Kelsey Uribe (Twin Cities ’12) describes her sixth-grade students at Hiawatha College Prep as voracious readers. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their favorite part of the week is when they are given the opportunity to read independently.

 “They love talking about the book they’re reading: what’s happening, who the characters remind them of, and how it connects to other aspects of their own lives,” Ms. Uribe says. “This excitement for learning helps propel them to persist in school, and increases their confidence as students and as proud people of color.”

DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Indianapolis Enhance Their Learning

Teach For America alum Nicole Lopez Szoko (Indianapolis ’13) is helping her students at North Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana become global citizens with inquiry-based programs.

“My students thirst for challenges, while at the same time many struggle with the literacy skills they need to achieve their goals,” Ms. Lopez Szoko says. “The students strive to meet the high cultural and academic expectation that the school sets and demonstrate a resilience that empowers other students and teachers alike.”

How to Manage Your Nerves During Transitions

How to Manage Your Nerves During Transitions

“Be flexible.” “Remember to go with the flow.” “Things will change last minute and it will be okay.”

These were all phrases that I have heard over my three years and counting in the classroom. As a Type-A person, it was always difficult to hear. I love having logistics planned out, my schedules organized, and always being ahead of the next step. However, when I entered teaching, I never thought I would have to calm down my planning nature with a more Zen focus.

9 Ways to Find Time for Exercise During the School Week

9 Ways Busy Teachers Can Find Time to Exercise

Last fall, we wrote about all the ways busy teachers can make time to exercise. We’re revisiting this sage advice and adding a few new tips to boot!

We all know physical activity is a must. It’s essential for good health, but it makes a big impact on our mental well-being, too. Yet, for busy teachers, finding time to exercise isn’t an easy feat. When faced with a very early morning wake-up call or a post-school day, exhausted slog, teachers often toss in the towel for some Netflix—and with good cause.

12 Energy Boosters for Busy Teachers

12 Energy Boosters for Busy Teachers

Last year, the fine folks at Thrive Market helped you stay awake a little bit longer by giving you the scoop on healthy alternatives to your morning cup of Joe. We’re revisiting their helpful hints—because, really, trusty pick-me-ups never go out of style—and adding a few of our favorite snacks to lift your mood and energy.

Almonds (or really any kind of nuts)

Advice to TFA Corps Members During Their First Year in the Classroom

Lindsey Bailey (Hawai’i ‘12) teaches 3rd grade at Makakilo Elementary School in Makakilo on Oahu.

Calling all new Teach For America corps members! At the start of a new school year, we salute thousands of you as you mark the beginning of an unforgettable experience making a difference in the lives of children. In that spirit, we took to Facebook and Instagram to ask TFA alumni what advice they have for new corps members during their first year in the classroom. Here is a collection of some of our favorite words of wisdom.

On Building Relationships

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Give Students in the Bronx an Artistic Edge

The students at KIPP NYC College Prep High School enjoy a strong music program at their school in the Bronx. And for Teach For America alum Christy Coiro (New York ’10), developing an equally-matched visual arts program for her students—with an Advanced Placement Studio Art class offering for seniors—is a top priority.

“Not only are these students incredibly creative, curious, talented, and hardworking, but they are genuinely kind individuals,” says Ms. Coiro. “The goal of providing them an AP Studio Art is to give them the opportunity to take a rigorous, college-level art class that gets them thinking at a higher level, and also gives them the potential to earn college credits while still in high school!”

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Why Getting a Dog Made Me a Better Teacher

Why Getting a Dog Made Me a Better Teacher

After begging my parents for a dog my entire childhood, I finally decided, at the beginning of my second year of teaching, that I was officially an adult, so I adopted my first dog, the most adorable little Yorkie named Sumner. My Pup is 9 years old, small enough to carry in my purse, and the best little cuddle bug. I knew he’d totally change my life, but what I didn’t expect was what a huge positive effect he’d have on my teaching!

Having a dog makes you:

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