How I Hid My ADHD and Lost a Teachable Moment

How I Hid My ADHD and Lost a Teachable Moment

After being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the second grade, I learned the hard way what it meant to share that piece of my identity with others. It meant constant, unsolicited opinions on the moral and medical wisdom of my Ritalin prescription. It meant starkly lower expectations for my academic work and my future. It meant people were surprised when I excelled academically, and that I worked twice as hard out of the fear that others saw me as incompetent.

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Revamp Your Home and Wardrobe

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Revamp Your Home and Wardrobe

When it’s warm and sunny you don’t want to be stuck inside—you want to be outside!—so there’s no better time than now to start revamping your home and wardrobe in time for spring and summer. Luckily, TeacherPop has found some awesome deals to help you knock out any home and style updates before those first spring blooms tempt you.

Best Buy: Save 25% on select appliances for a limited time.

Barnes & Noble: Good Housekeeping 400 Heart Healthy Recipes & Tips cookbook only $9.99 with purchase of any item until March 1.

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The Pros and Cons of 3 Common Classroom Seating Arrangements

Pros and Cons of Classroom Seating Arrangements

Whether your students are organized in rows, clusters, pods, pairs or in a semi-circle, the seating arrangement you choose for your classroom will have a considerable effect on the classroom dynamic.

With the start of the new term, some teachers might decide to forego traditional rows and try something innovative to engage their class when it comes to seating. The new arrangement may provide opportunities for better classroom management, but not without some obstacles.

Check out these three common classroom seating arrangements and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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7 Affordable Items to Sport on Super Bowl Sunday

7 Affordable Items for Super Bowl Sunday

Is this year’s Super Bowl lineup leaving you cold? Even if your favorite team didn’t make the cut (or you couldn’t care less about football), Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to get together with friends, enjoy some greasy finger foods, and yell at the TV when things get heavy.

As it so happens, this year’s Super Bowl falls on the last day (Feb. 7) of Teach For America’s 25th anniversary. Meaning? The party never ends, my friends. You can go straight from TFA’s big bash in Washington, DC (or from tuning in via livestream, hint hint) to your Super Bowl party, and no one will mind you’re so full of Team TFA spirit since errbody will be rooting maniacally for somebody.

DonorsChoose Pick: Computer Programming on Pine Ridge Pick: Computer Programming on Pine Ridge

After studying Turkish Language and the Middle East, and trying their hands at creative writing, Anthony Taylor’s (South Dakota ’15) students at Little Wound School in Kyle, South Dakota are ready for their next challenge—computer programming and JavaScript coding.

“Computer programming is a next generation skill which can solidify a career in many professions and places,” Mr. Taylor says. “By receiving early training in coding, students at Little Wound can have a leg up against competitors when they apply for college or a job.”

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Apply: Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers

Apply: Supreme Court Summer Institute for Teachers

Do you teach high school social studies? This summer, Street Law, a nonprofit that leads classroom and community programs about law, democracy, and human rights, is partnering with the Supreme Court Historical Society to conduct a six-day teacher professional development seminar—and you’re invited to apply.

Social studies teachers and coordinators are invited to apply for this excellent opportunity to learn from national experts on how to teach high school students about the Supreme Court. The seminar will also include an intimate look at how the court works and the opportunity to attend a Supreme Court hearing.

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Recipe: Hearty Beef and Veggie Soup

It’s finally freezing here in NYC, and we’ve been craving soup for days now that Old Man Winter seems here to stay. For this soup, we took a handful of all of the veggies we had in the fridge. (You can use your favorites!) We used extra-lean ground beef since it was going into a pot with tons of other flavors.

Recipe: hearty beef and veggie soup

What You Need

-1 lb extra-lean ground beef

-1 tsp salt and pepper

-1 small onion, minced

-3 cloves garlic, minced

-1 cup celery, diced

Why I Decided to Come Out to My Students

Why I Decided to Come Out to My Students

Every fall for the past three years I’ve taught a small seminar course, Issues and Debates in Life Development, a course that could otherwise be titled, the Best of Psychology and Sociology 101, to first-semester freshmen at the University of Texas. The first half of the course covers psychological concepts such as attachment theory and relationships, while the second half covers forms of social oppression such as racism, classism, ableism, sexism, and heterosexism.