5 Positive Classroom Management Strategies to Avoid Student Referrals

5 Positive Classroom Management Strategies to Avoid Referrals: Teachers, once students leave your classroom, your ability to help them disappears. Learn five techniques to help you incorporate positive behavior interventions. | TeacherPop.org

There were many occasions last year when my solution to a behavioral problem was to send the student out of the classroom or to an administrator. Sure, that student was no longer a disruption, but as the year wore on, I realized there were a number of problems with the strategy.

Teach Eat Repeat Recipe: Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

We at Teach Eat Repeat love a great Whole30 approved burger with some crunchy grilled sweet potato fries. We grill up a combo of classic sweet taters and Japanese sweet potatoes for a meal that’s as great on the eyes as it is on the belly. When we have the chance to get together, sit outside, and make a delicious meal, we take it every time. So, turn up the grill, try these out, and let us know what you think!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 large sweet potato
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7 Ways to Prep for Your Placement Community

what's your plan?

I wanted nothing more than to go home and spend time with my family before officially moving to my new home in Arkansas. I missed them, but I ultimately decided that logistics wouldn’t work in my favor, and making it home would be nearly impossible. It was the best decision I made. Instead of going home, I was able to move into my new house, get to know my roommates, and drive around my new city to learn about everything it had to offer.

Weekend Sales: 13 Deals and Discounts for Teachers

Weekend Sales: 13 Deals & Discounts for Teachers

If you’re like TeacherPop, you’re singing all kinds of “TGIF” today. The dog days of summer are heating up, and this week, we’ve been busy honing our skills, networking, and becoming superstars in the classroom and beyond. You know, just a typical summer “break.” One thing we’d never hit the break for is our trusty list of weekend sales. See what’s cooking.

Corner Bakery Café: Free breakfast sandwich at various locations in GA, IL, TX, and UT.

Cheesecake Factory: Celebrate National Cheesecake Day on July 29-30 with 50% off any slice of cheesecake.

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Music Is the Message: How I Teach with Kendrick Lamar

Music Is the Message: How I Teach with Kendrick Lamar

As a new teacher, it’s easy to feel frustrated when your students aren’t as jazzed about the class material as you are. Teachers put in so much effort to plan lessons, craft dope Power Points, and input grade data, all while avoiding the temptation of binge watching “Orange is the New Black.”

Luckily, Kendrick Lamar’s music is a common enthusiasm we share, and is as much a part of my English class as my students and their teacher. We recently used two of his pieces to analyze literary terms. During our first full week of school, I played the music video for his song “i” to highlight setting and mood. I could instantly see how much more engaged my students became.

5 Behavior Systems for Elementary School Students

5 Behavior Systems for Elementary Students

Today we’re revisiting some sound classroom management advice adapted from a piece by Teach For America alum Sara Kock. Check out Sara’s five tried-and-true behavior systems and the positives and negatives associated with each tracker.

These trackers are incentive based and work with a school’s incentive system that gives SOAR dollars for positive choices, academic achievement, and attendance. SOAR stands for Show Responsibility, Overcome Obstacles, Act Courteous, Respect Yourself and Others. Students can use the SOAR dollars to buy things, from stickers to skateboards, at the school store.

Teach.Eat.Repeat Recipe: Italian-Style Chicken Salad Stuffed Peppers

@TeachEatRepeat recipe #teacherpop

Hey everyone! @TeachEatRepeat here again with another one of our favorite and transportable lunch recipes: Italian-style chicken salad stuffed peppers. This is another one that’s super easy to adjust to your tastes. Swap out the sundried tomatoes and basil for some cumin and chiles for a Mexican flair, or trade out the chicken for tuna or salmon. The meal lasts well for a few days, so make a big batch, and leave it in your fridge for a quick and delicious bite!

What You’ll Need:

5 People to Get to Know in Your School Building

5 People to Get to Know at Your School

In my first year teaching, I was often still at school when our custodian, Mr. Dan, came into my room to sweep. We would chat, and I soon learned his children’s names and all about the new camper he was fixing up on the weekends. I also noticed that Mr. Dan began to wipe down my desks, sweep the chalk out from under my chalkboard, and ask me if there was anything I needed fixed.