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At the same time that Liberty Elementary School kindergarten teacher Ms. Estes is working to become a leader in her classroom and community in Franklin, Tennessee, her students are striving to become mathematicians, letter investigators, reading experts, authors, scientists, and historians.

Ms. Estes credits her students for investing in their learning and doing their best, and coupled with their commitment to coming to school each day ready to learn, her students are carving a path toward college and setting themselves up for success.

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Teach. Eat. Repeat. Recipe: Ratatouille

Ratatouille recipe

We’re honoring all things Parisian this week; to be fair, we make some version of this traditional French dish about once a week. It heats up easily in the microwave, freezes well, and is hearty and filling. Plus, it’s easily portable to school in Tupperware. We eat ratatouille with steak, with chicken, or over rice or quinoa when we’re feeling especially vegetarian. It’s such a great way to pack in lots of different colors, and therefore lots of different nutrients

What You Need

  • EVOO, salt, and pepper
  • 1 large onion, diced

5 Realistic Expectations to Set for a Substitute

5 Realistic Expectations to Set for a Substitute

At some point during your teaching career, you’ll need to turn control over your classroom to a substitute. You may be sick, have a workshop, or just need a personal day; but no matter what it is that keeps you away from the classroom, you’ll need someone to lead your class while you’re away. (Your students may disagree.)

When handing over the reins of your classroom, it’s appropriate and helpful to set realistic expectations and outline them clearly for the substitute before you leave. You know your substitute won’t be able to step in and continue exactly where you left off, but what is appropriate to ask? Here are five realistic expectations to set for your substitute.

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7 Stress Prevention Tips for Teachers

7 Stress Prevention Tips

Last week’s post focused on strategies that could be used in ten minutes or less to help you cope with stress once the stress cycle is in full force. How did it go? Were any of them effective for you? I’m hoping at least one of you flagged down a stranger with a dog. Today I’d like to focus a bit on strategies for stress prevention. If last week’s strategies were your Robitussin, these will be your Echinacea.

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Honor the Remainder of Fall

Weekend Sales: 10 Deals to Honor the Remainder of Fall

There’s no need to swap out the rake for the snow shovel just yet! Although the days are getting shorter and the air is growing colder, winter is still well over a month away. Check out these cool deals below and celebrate the remaining few weeks of fall, while prepping for what’s soon to follow.

Macy’s: 20% off purchase with coupon code GETSET through Sunday.

Starbucks: Buy one get one free holiday drink from 2 – 5 p.m. through Sunday.

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7 Activities for Giving Thanks in the Classroom

7 Activities for Giving Thanks in the Classroom

It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy. –Unknown

While showing gratitude is something we strive for all year long, Thanksgiving provides a special reminder and opportunity for teachers. Below are seven ideas for giving thanks with your students this Thanksgiving.

1. Thanksgiving décor: Create a bulletin board encouraging students to give thanks. One option is to ask students to write down what they are thankful for on a leaf and collect them all together for display. You could also print out blank thank-you cards, and encourage students to write a message to someone they are thankful for.

How to Pack the Perfect Salad in a Jar

How to Pack the Perfect Salad in a Jar

Have you ever packed a salad for lunch, put the dressing in a separate container so it doesn’t get soggy, only to open your lunchbox and have an oily film everywhere? Yep, us too. Here’s our solution: salad in a jar! Dressing goes on the bottom, and veggies and other salad-y goodness get piled on top. Everything stays separate until you shake it up. Even better, these handy lunch options can last for days in the fridge, so make five on a Sunday and grab one for each school day!

What You’ll Need

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“I ask my students on the first day of school to define what success means to them and to help me develop ways that we can help them reach this point together,” Restart Academy 8th grade teacher and Teach For America NYC corps member Chloe Sosa writes. “Sometimes we don’t have the tools or motivation necessary to get the job done, but as Maya Angelou said, ‘nothing will work unless you do.’”

Ms. Sosa’s students consistently experience challenging circumstances, and they’ve chosen to take advantage of the opportunities around them.

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