Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Many first and second-year teachers are getting ready to make THAT decision about next year. Should you stay in teaching? Or pursue other dreams?

It’s a hard choice, a personal one, and there is so much wrapped into it. Almost every major city is thirsty for experienced, high-quality teachers. You undoubtedly love your kids, and would love your next batch just as much. But you arrive home exhausted for a late dinner every night, and you are tired of feeling disappointed in situations and yourself. Maybe the other side of the fence doesn’t seem just greener; maybe it has a water slide, too!

Motivation Monday: Genius


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7 Pinterest Picks for Black History Month


Still looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month in the classroom? Don’t miss our Black History Month Pinterest board chock full of educational and creative ideas for all grade levels. Here are 7 of our top picks.

1. Mosaic Portraits

7  Black History Month

2. 5 Notable Black Inventors

7  Pin by Teach For America on Black History Month   Pinterest

3. Video: The King and His Dream

MLK  The King and His Dream   YouTube

4. Thurgood Marshall Foldable


5. 12 Books That Carry on the Legacy of MLK

12 Books That Carry On the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr.   Brightly

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Weekend Sales: 10 Hot Deals for Teachers

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Real talk, TeacherPoppers: we are done with winter. We really, really mean it. It’s time for old man winter to pack his bags, move down south, and stop calling us until November (earliest). There’s only so much winter retail therapy TeacherPop can do, but we refuse to let you down, our loyal, deal-loving readers. So, this week’s discounts are dedicated to all those who are fighting the good fight against winter’s terrible reign.

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HALP! It Takes Me Three Hours to Write One Lesson Plan


Waaay back in 2009, TeacherPop writer Molly Eigen wrote some really useful advice for new teachers who spend hours and hours hacking away at their weekly lesson plans. We’re bringing back Molly’s advice for 2015, with a few editorial additions, so get ready to be efficient. It’s tough love time, teachers. Let’s do this.

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Watch: Baltimore Students on Why Teaching Matters

These winter months can be especially challenging for teachers. Suddenly, weekends are not nearly enough to rejuvenate us, and the next break is too far out of reach. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with our purpose, and what is truly important: our students.

Our kids can easily get lost among the noise of professional development, evaluations, lesson plan deadlines, or grad school classes. Spend some time listening to the voices of these students, who remind us why teaching matters.

Shameless Optimism: Kids Are the Reason

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Last weekend I FaceTimed with one of my 1st graders for two hours. She gave me a complete tour of her house and introduced me to her abuelo and abuela. Her abuelo kept saying, “She loves you Ms. Grant. You’re all she ever talks about.” In this moment, I thought, just like I had a thousand times before, that kids like this one are the reason why I decided to do this work.

6 Classroom Activities to Beat the Winter Blues


Winter is the toughest time of the school year. Buses get caught in the snow en route to school, and the sky outside your classroom is permanently etched in gray. This is the time to call in every game and engagement technique you can think of to make class extra fun for your kids. Try these six tips to brighten every subject in your classroom during the last stretch towards spring.