3 Ways to Be Firm When You’re an Easygoing Teacher

If you consider yourself an easygoing teacher, you may be wondering how you can be both “easygoing” and “firm” at the same time. First, it’s important to remember that being firm isn’t a personality trait, but a skill employed to effectively manage a classroom. Being firm when the time calls for it will you allow you to create an environment where your easygoing nature fully supports your students.

For teachers looking to cultivate a firm approach to classroom management while staying true to their laid-back nature, TeacherPop recommends these three tips for learning and student success.

8 Teacher Reads for the Weekend

If you’re looking to keep warm and cozy this weekend and catch up on all the teaching-related news from the last two weeks, TeacherPop makes it easy! Check out this latest installment of our bi-weekly teaching-related reads.

Kevai Jones understands the importance of education for a secure future. The New York Times highlights this young mother’s story in this year’s series of “The Neediest Cases.”

Researchers and scholars all over the world appear to be coming to a promising consensus on bilingualism and dual-language programs in schools.

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DonorsChoose Pick: Help Students in Minnesota Develop a Love of Learning

“My students are already facing more challenges than most of us can imagine,” says Teach For America corps member Megan Koehnen (Twin Cities ’16). “As the children of immigrants, they are faced with the daunting responsibility of making their parents’ sacrifices worth it.”

Ms. Koehnen’s students at Higher Ground Academy in Saint Paul, Minnesota are often first- and second-generation immigrants from East Africa and have come to the United States with their families in search of better opportunities. They’re also joyous, witty, and energetic, Ms. Koehnen adds, and have a deep interest in science and experimenting in the lab. But exploring their passion for science is limited, however, by a lack of lab equipment and resources.

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Cyber Monday 2016: The Best Deals for Teachers

Happy Cyber Monday, y’all! Now that the last of the leftover turkey and pumpkin pie has been devoured, it’s time to open up those browsers and start crossing a few items off your holiday shopping list.

TeacherPop has scoured the web for some of the best Cyber Monday deals, especially for teachers on budget, so whether you’re shopping for your friends, family, or looking to treat yourself with something special, these awesome discounts will help you kick off the holiday shopping season in style!


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DonorsChoose Pick: Bring Yoga and Wellness to Students in Oakland

The students at Garfield Elementary School in Oakland, California face many barriers to academic success. Despite these challenges, they show up to school each day ready to succeed.

“The weight that many of my students carry on their shoulders is far beyond what any six-year-old should have to handle,” says their teacher, Teach For America alum Roya Bazaei (Bay Area ’12). “But still, 24 bubbly faces bounce into my classroom each morning, ready and eager to learn.”

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7 Ways to Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Life

7 ways to incorporate gratitude into your life

As you look forward to Thanksgiving break and spending time with friends and loved ones, gratitude and expressing your appreciation for the positive things in life are top of mind. But how do you bring that dedicated time for reflection into your life beyond Thanksgiving? Here are seven ways to adopt a daily gratitude practice.

1. Hand-write a note of appreciation to someone who supports your life at home or school.

2. Post pictures of daily gratitudes on Instagram.

3. Write a nightly list of 2-3 positive events that happened during the day.

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8 Teacher Reads for the Weekend

Happy Friday and almost-Thanksgiving, y’all! If you’re looking to catch up on all the teaching-related news from the last two weeks, TeacherPop has gathered a few important stories from around the web to help. Check out this latest installment of our bi-weekly teaching-related reads!

NPR spent a day with students and families working to complete the new FAFSA process. Check out what they found. Hint: It’s still not that easy.

“We want our young people to understand that the courts work for them.” An innovative program in New York is helping students understand the judicial process.

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4 Ways to Support Students After the Election

As we all grapple with the conclusion of Election 2016, your students may be feeling scared, sad, confused, or just plain uncertain about what the future may hold. This election season was divisive and difficult, and the stress of its tumultuous end can have a tremendous effect on your students’ health and well-being. So, how can teachers support all their students, and maintain a healthy environment in the classroom during this uncertain time?

Here are a few tips teachers should consider to support students following this most recent election cycle:

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